Council on Aging Minutes 11/09/2016

Council on Aging

Meeting was called to order at 10:35 by Ralph

In attendance were Ralph; Dotty; Angie & Ray; Carol Blakeslee and Jane Bernasconi.
Minutes of meeting of September 14, 2016 were read
Motion to accept as read made by Ray, seconded by Dotty vote to accept was unanimous.
We welcome Carol and Jane as new members and mentioned they need to take the on-line course on ethics. Carol has already taken it. Ralph will set it up with Lyn O’Brien for Jane to take it.

Treasurers report by Dotty –All current bills paid, seems to be a problem getting timely bank statements. Discussion was had on ways to improve this including the possibility of on-line banking. Dot and Carol will look into this.
Review of all upcoming trips, including discussion as to requiring a deposit on all trips. Everyone is in agreement and set $30.00 as a minimum. Angie suggested a final date for full payment possibly 30 days before trip.
Ralph will make up cover sheets for all trips stating $30.00 deposit required upon sign-up and balance due 30days prior to trip
Discussion on Thanksgiving lunch as to “take-out” for people who are sick. The contract has a guarantee of 95 people so it will be no problem.
Discussion on gift of Pete Cadin’s family of his “lift” chair which would be helpful to our foot clinic. Everybody is in agreement to accept with gratitude.
Otis Observer has ok’d us to send a pdf of our page each month to our email subscribers. They can now post on their refrigerator for reference.
Upcoming Christmas lunch, we agreed not to buy scratch tickets this year, and discussed ways of selecting people to claim their gifts.
Final distribution of State Grant Funds still up in the air. Looks like we will be getting a little more than level funding but final amount has not been agreed to.


Meeting adjourned at 11:24 AM