Board of Finance / Selectboard Budget Minutes 03/15/2016

Town of Otis
Finance Board/Selectboard Budget Meeting
March 15, 2016

Present: Don Hawley, Roberta Sarnacki, Bill Hiller, Chris Morris, Terry Gould, Michael Ernst, Walter Engels, Jim Crandall, Sandy Pinkham, Derek Poirier

Meeting called to order at 6:04 pm.
Purpose: Continue reviewing Budget proposals for Fiscal Year 2017

First, the boards met with Jim Crandall to discuss Maintenance Budgets:
#15 Maintenance Expenses: $5000 for cement pads is a one-time expense and will be moved to a Free Cash Capital Expense, so the line item of Transfer Station Building Repair was brought down to $3000. This brings the total down to $43,200. Approved with changes.
#16 Maintenance Labor: COLA was set at 3% and one department member was approved for 5%.
#17 Maintenance Super Salary: Approved at 5%.
#18 Asst. Maint. Super Salary: Approved at 3% with Terry recusing herself.
#60 Cemetery: Remove the electricity line. $750 is for maintenance on two sheds. Approved at $12,950.
#65 Health and Sanitation: The $1200 out of Rec. Comm for portable toilets will be moved to the line item for Verizon, which is no longer being used. Freon breakdown is still a DEP requirement. Approved at $141,350.

Second, the boards met with Sandy Pinkham to discuss Fire Department budgets:
#47 Fire Dept. Expenses: The Forestry line item is for Forest Fire Apparatus. Equipment Maintenance includes yearly checks on air packs, airflow mask seals, etc. The requested Extruder Cleaning System is still under discussion. Approved at $41,240.
#48 Fire Chief Salary: Approved as requested.
#49 First Asst. Fire Chief: Approved as requested.

Third, the boards met with Derek Poirier to discuss Highway budgets:
#69 Highway Labor: COLA was set at 3% and two members were approved at 5%.
#72 Highway Snow Removal Labor: Approved at same levels as Highway Labor account.
#73 Highway Super Salary: Approved at 5%.
Capital Expenses: A Road Rake for $7000 should be able to be encumbered from FY2016. The small dump truck needs to be replaced – we have already put about $15,000 into it for repairs. Trade-in value should be around $15,000 to $30,000. A new Ford 550 would require a new sander, new hydraulics, and a new dump body and is expected to run $92,000 to $100,000. The Highway pickup truck also needs to be replaced, but we may be able to wait another year on that. It has rot and 140,000 miles on it, but it costs a lot less to maintain than the small dump truck. We are looking at approximately $150,000 to replace both Highway trucks.

Miscellaneous accounts were then reviewed and discussed by the boards:
#13 Heating/Furnace: Both Boards would like to compare the FY2016 spreadsheet with FY2015. 2016 has been mild and 2015 was a severe winter. Lisa will have those figures for the next budget meeting.
#57 School: The budget number was not changed so the board approved the presented figure.
#85 Cultural Council: This was approved as presented since all questions had been cleared up. Michael recused himself.
Capital Expenses: The Select Board is definitely planning to include the East Otis Meeting House Demolition at $15,000, Paving for the parking lot at the Rec Center and Library at $40,000, the first of five payments for the new Rescue Truck at $111,572, The second of three payments for the International Dump Truck at $81,086.77, and replacing the Town Hall gym floor at $15,000. Then they will add $5000 for the Cement Pads at the Transfer Station, and $150,000 for two new Highway trucks. The East Otis School Foundation at $50,000 may be taken out for this year.
#88 Recreation Expenses: Chris met with Bob Rosen and Recreation Commission will rediscuss their budget at their meeting on Thursday.


And last, the boards discussed the remaining Salary and Stipend Accounts:
#23 Selectmen’s Secretary: Approved at 5%.
#24 Selectmen’s Salaries: Approved at $11,000, split as $4000, $3500, and $3500.
#28 Town Administrator: Approved at 4%.
#30 Town Clerk Salary: Approved at 4%.
#34 Town Collector Salary: Approved a 4%.
#36 Town Hall Admin Asst: Approved at 5%.
#39 Town Treasurer Salary: Approved at 3%.
#44 Building Inspector Salary: Approved at 5%.
#54 Police Chief Salary: Approved at 3% with Roberta recusing herself.
#66 Health WWTP Chief Operator: Approved at 3%.
#11 Finance Board Salaries: Re-approved at $700, $500, and $500 for a total of $1700.


Accounts to discuss with Recreation:
#88 Recreation Expenses: Pass over – needs further discussion.
#89 Recreation Salaries: Pass over – needs further discussion.
Capital Expenses

Accounts to discuss with Rescue Squad:
#51 Otis Rescue Squad: Pass over – needs further discussion.

Miscellaneous accounts still undecided:
#13 Heating/Furnace
WWTP Expenses


Minutes for the March 8, 2016 budget meeting were unanimously approved with requested changes – Walter was not present at that meeting. Bill made the motion and Roberta seconded.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Lisa D’Orazio
Selectmen’s Secretary
Town of Otis

List of Documents

A writeup of the Extruder Cleaning System that the Fire Department needs will be filed with these meeting minutes.