Board of Assessors Meeting Minutes 06/04/2019 & 06/11/2019

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Board of Assessors Meeting

Town of Otis

June 4th & 11th Meetings 2019

MINUTES JUNE 4th meeting:

Meeting called to order:  6:30PM



  • Reviewed and Approved recent Board Meeting Minutes (May 2019)
  • Reviewed and Approved Motor Vehicle Abatements
  • Reviewed and Approved (2) MV Commitments and Warrants 2019-3 and 2019-99
  • Other business – approved Vision CAMA system billing


MINUTES JUNE 11th meeting:

Meeting called to order:  10:00am

Adjourned: 11:00am

Present: Jeff Reynolds, Rebecca Stone, Russ Loring, Harold Sheid, Heather Gray, Kathy Rider

  • Discussed Staffing with RRG and Telepresence Kiosk and printer placement
  • Portal agreed will go live on July 1, 2019
  • Portal will temporarily be placed on Assessor counter until a more permanent and fully accessible location can be constructed.