Assessors Meeting Minutes 09/12/2022

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Board of Assessors Meeting

Town of Otis

Monday September 12th, 2022 | 4:00 PM




Attendance: Jill Moretz, Heather Gray, Candy Chaffee, Chris Cozzaglio

Call to Order 3:57 PM

Old Business

  • Reviewed and signed meeting minutes from April 27th and August 10th

New Business

  • Reviewed MV Commitments 2022-03 and 2202-04
  • Discussed Building permits.
    • Heather Gray will follow up with Building Inspector.
  • Approved MV Abatements
    • Motion to approve as presented passes 2-0-0
  • Discussed tax rate setting schedule.
    • Permission granted to Chris Cozzaglio to sign for the Board of Assessors.
    • Motion to approve as presented passes 2-0-0

Open Forum

Next meeting Monday October 17, 2022

Adjournment 4:23 PM