[TIME SENSITIVE] Letters Supporting MPPF Grant

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Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Not long ago, we asked for your letters of support for the East Otis One Room School House to be placed on the Massachusetts Historical Register. The vote on our application will take place next month, on March 10th.

As soon as we are approved, your Otis Historical Commission will apply for a grant from Massachusetts Historical to restore the Schoolhouse. We again need letters of community support to send in with the grant application.

Your email letters of support for our grant application to the Massachusetts Preservation Project Fund (MPPF) can make the difference in our approvals. We are providing a sample letter below to make it easy. Please personalize your letter and reference the MPPF Grant that is being applied for.

Please send us your email or printed letter of support by March 1st to meet our submission deadline. With your help, we will restore our historically significant One Room Schoolhouse – one of the few left in New England. Thank you!

Email your letter to:


Or, send your print version of the letter to:

Otis Historical Commission
Otis Town Hall
1 North Main Road
PO Box 237                                                                                                        Otis, MA 01253

Address to:

Paul Holtz, Grants Co-Director & Historical Architect
Massachusetts Historical Commission
220 Morrissey Boulevard
Boston, MA 02125

Dear Mr. Holtz,

As a resident of Otis, MA, I am proud to support our Historical Commission’s efforts to restore the East Otis One Room Schoolhouse. I fully support the Commission’s application for an MPPF grant and look forward to the preservation and restoration of this unique historic property that was in use from its construction circa 1850 until 1949.

(Feel free to personalize the above with your own sentiments – and thank you!)