Technology Committee Meeting Minutes 05/26/2016

Otis Technology Committee
Minutes for Meeting of
May 26, 2016
Otis Town Hall

Meeting called to order at 6:05 pm and is being recorded and a quorum is present.

Present: Larry Gould, Bill Hiller, George Mabee, Lisa D’Orazio, Frank Tolopko, Laurie Flower
Others Present: Bob Rosen, John Shannon


Approval of Meeting Minutes: The April 21, 2016 Technology meeting minutes were approved by Larry, George, Bill, and Lisa at this meeting with Frank and Laurie abstaining.

Review Computer Maintenance Proposal: John Shannon of CSS Ventures, Inc. supplied a computer maintenance proposal to replace the work Bob Rocke did for the Town of Otis. Laurie questioned the number of servers and John confirmed it should be one, not the three listed. The TZ300 is $100 less than the next model up, which has twice the throughput. There would be a separate charge for virus removal and for upgrading a computer with new software. Client computers will be backed up to the server and then the server will be backed up. Scanned documents will now be scanned to a server directory so it will be automatically backed up with the server. Hardware upgrades for this project will be paid for with the grant we applied for and are waiting to hear if we got it or not. The grant money will also cover the external backup. We plan to switch from static IPs to dynamic IPs. John’s proposal was unanimously approved for FY2017 by the Technology Committee.

Review Printer Proposals: John said the latest Ricoh and Canon printer/copiers were getting good reviews of late. The Xerox rep likes to have his potential customers try out the machine before they lock into something. Laurie stated the school office has issues with the noise that comes from the Xerox WorkCenter they use, but love their Ricoh. We worked with the Ricoh rep when we were looking at copying our paper files to digital media. If Ricoh can give us a couple days demo, then we would like to go with them. If they can’t then we’ll revisit the smaller Xerox.

Review FY2016 Expenditures: Lisa reviewed anticipated expenses left in the FY2016 Technology budget with the committee members and determined that we could encumber about $8000 to pay for the new printer/copier. We also reviewed what was approved for FY2017 and the additional money we requested for John’s contract was not included in the Annual Town Meeting vote. We decided it was more fiscally responsible to pay for the actual repairs on the Canon IR3380 (under $400) rather than pay for the monthly maintenance contract at $125 per month. Our two Canon Image Runner 2200s will no longer be covered by maintenance contracts.