Technology Committee Meeting Agenda 08/20/2018

Otis Technology Committee

Meeting Agenda

Otis Town Hall Conference Room

August 20, 2018

6:00 pm

  1. Approval of Meeting Minutes.  Approval of June 18, 2018 Technology meeting minutes.
  2. Website Encryption.  After our meeting with Bobby Flower of Prospect Marketing, he encouraged us to setup website encryption through our server.  This should cost us approximately $400 annually.
  3. Building Security.  The Select Board has requested us to look into what may be available for security cameras.
  4. Postage Machine.
  5. New Email Implementation. 
  6. Vadar and Accela.  Anything to discuss from the Vadar presentation?
  7. Broadband Updates.  Phase 1 is almost completely connected.  Is Verizon done with make-ready work for Phase 3 and 4?  Has To-the-home connectivity begun for Phase 2?
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