Summer Reading Program 2020

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Otis Library & Museum

Summer Reading Program 2020


Covid-19 has certainly changed everything.  For now, we will not be doing summer reading activities here at the Library, but that does not mean we are not having a Summer Reading Program.  Covid-19 has made this program more important than ever!  Have you ever heard of the “summer slide”?  The “SLIDE” is the loss of learning your child experiences over the summer months.  Statistically, learning loss over the summer is shocking.  Teachers often play catch up in the fall.  This year, with the difficulty of distance learning since March, we will have begun the summer slide early.


The Otis Library & Museum wants to help your child over the summer by keeping them motivated to read, discover and learn.  We will run summer reading incentives for 6 full weeks from July 4th to August 14th.  Each week, the library will have a reading chart that can be printed at home or picked up at the library.  Each child can submit 6 entries. We will have a different theme every week, based on this summer’s theme “Imagine Your Story”.

July 4 – July 10: Once Upon a Time

July 11 – July 17 – A Hero’s Journey

July 18 – July 24 – Magical Creatures

July 25 – July 31 – Timeless Tales

August 1 – August 7 – Common Threads

August 8 – August 14 – A New Twist on An Old Tale


The Otis Library & Museum will post a story related to the weekly theme on the “Farmington River Walk” located behind our building, so that you can enjoy an outdoor (and socially distant) activity with your family.  We will also be adding links to our Facebook page of read-alouds each week relating to the theme.

Each week we will be handing out Brag Tags for reading.  Brag Tags are an incentive system that are use to encourage, promote and celebrate positive behavior.  These tags are then hung on a necklace, bracelet or keychain for display.  When a child turns in their reading chart, a tag is rewarded to that student.  We hope that our collection of brag tags will stir your children to compete to see who can gather the most, as well as, be proud of their individual accomplishments.  Each week, your child can earn one brag tag, simply by turning in their reading chart.  They can earn additional brag tags by reading certain featured books, being the top reader of the week, or by writing their own story that goes with that week’s theme.  We hope to “publish” stories written by participants by posting them to our Facebook page, as well as, including them in our press releases to local media.  Follow our Facebook page for additional opportunities for brag tags!

Summer Reading this year will include ALL children under the age of 18.  We want to encourage the pre-k kids to be reading as well.  We will be creating a reading chart display here at the Library.  Our own Brag Wall.  We will be listing your child’s name on that chart.  We encourage you to complete a registration form, so that we can get them started.  We are also going to display “All About me” charts about our participants, we encourage every child to complete them using pictures and/or words to imagine their own individual story.



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