Select Board Meeting Minutes 1/7/2020

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Town of Otis

Select Board Meeting Minutes

January 7, 2020

6:00 p.m.

1.   Call to Order:  Meeting was called to order at 6:04 pm in the Town Hall conference room.  A quorum was present. The meeting was recorded.
Present:  Gary Thomas, Bill Hiller, Larry Southard, Heather Morgan, Brandi Page, James Crandall
2.   Approval of Select Board Minutes.  Minutes from the December 10, 2019 Select Board meeting minutes need approval.
·       The Board voted unanimously to approve the minutes from December 10, 2019
3.   Review and Approval of Warrants:
4.   Transfer Station including Springfield Materials Recycling Facility contract. 

It was recommended that the MRF contract be signed.  A better alternative for recycling products could not be found for dual stream recycling. There is a problem with the MRF contract in article 8.  Language in the article will need to be added that states that it is contingent on the Town Annual Meeting vote.  It was suggested that the Selectmen sign the contract now as is and then sign a revised contract if needed.  James Crandall went over the Transfer Station reports with the Selectmen.  The price to get rid of demolition materials is also increasing.  It was felt that demolition waste should not go to the transfer station.  The demolition materials are taken directly to the landfill.  Demolition materials includes furniture and other bulky items.  There is currently no return on recyclables.  The state representatives are aware that towns are being forced to recycle but it is now costing the towns.  Jim commented that he would like a spreadsheets on how he’s doing on his budget.

Dump stickers were also discussed. Brandi would like to investigate the ability to purchase dump stickers online. The question on how much of a fee would be charged was brought up.  Unipay charges .25 cents if you use your checking account to pay.  It was agreed that the sale of dump stickers does not belong at the transfer station.  The transfer station makes about $75,000 in dump stickers.  Concern was also expressed that some residents do not like to pay for things online.  Residents can still come to Town Hall and purchase a sticker. There was a discussion regarding the possibility of building the cost into the real-estate taxes. The cost would be $33.60 per parcel.  It would increase the tax cost but will lower the cost of the stickers.  If owners of multiple parcels could be rebated would need to be looked into. The question of if the fee could be done as a separate tax, was asked.  Getting the stickers to the people will be key.  The sticker may be able to be put into the tax bill.  Every parcel will get one.

Some other items that were discussed.

·        Karen Fink is swamped with work.  She would like to go to a biweekly payroll.  Bill would like to have it put on an agenda.  Bill stated that biweekly pay should be considered.  It would start next fiscal year.

 ·        It is felt that the Hundred Acre Park trees need to be deforested.  Would like to have logging of town property put on the February agenda.

 ·        Regarding the Highway department opening. Where to advertise the Highway position was discussed.  Some ideas were the Gazette, Shoppers Guide, and Penysaver and Indeed.  This discussion will be on the January 14 agenda.

·        Larry has been approached about time line for CDL. This will also be on the January 14 agenda.

·        Keith is plowing but would like more money.  It was proposed that if he is plowing during his normal working hours he is paid his regular salary and if outside of working hours than he gets time and a half.  Should wastewater come under the maintenance department and Cross training should be considered.

5.   Adjournment.
The Select Board unanimously adjourned the Select Board meeting at 7:06.
Respectfully submitted,

Heather Morgan

Selectmen’s Secretary, Town of Otis

List of Documents

 ·        Transfer Station Tank Changes Report

·        MRF contract