Select Board Meeting Minutes 12/10/2019

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Town of Otis

Select Board Meeting Minutes

December 10, 2019

7:00 p.m.



Call to Order:  Meeting was called to order at 7:03 pm in the Town Hall conference room.  A quorum was present. The meeting was recorded.


Present:  Gary Thomas, Bill Hiller, Larry Southard, Heather Morgan, Brandi Page, Heather Gray, James Crandall, Terry Gould, Patricia Richard, Dan Hamill



1.   Approval of Select Board Minutes.  Minutes from October 21, 2019, All Boards meeting minutes from September 23, 2019 and November 26, 2019 Select Board meeting minutes need approval.


·        The Board voted unanimously to approve the minutes from October 21, September 23 and November 26.


2.   Sign Liquor Licenses:


·        Liquor licenses were signed



3.   Review and Approval of Warrants:


  1. Hazard Mitigation Plan Grant & Contract:


·        Hazard Mitigation Plan Grant & Contract was signed.


5.   Administrative Assistant Position:


·          Bill recued himself at 7:23


·        Heather Gray has requested that she be made a Town Administrative Assistant for the pay increase of $28 an hour and 35 hour a week.  Gary feels that it would be better to discuss salary increases at budget time.  They will be looking at all salaries this budget season. Gary feels that there are other people who may be underpaid.  He doesn’t feel it would be fair to the other people to do an increase now.  The finance board could be brought in as well.  Heather G. has been doing the job of Town Administrative Assistant for years without compensation.  She would like proper compensation for her position.  Heather G. is currently doing the work of a Town Administrative Assistant, Board of Health, Building, plumbing, and inspector assistant. She would like the Selectmen to look at her position and the she has stepped up when needed.  The Select Board agreed that all positions and salaries need to be looked at. Gary expressed great gratitude to Heather G. for doing the work of three people for a month.  Gary proposed giving Heather a bonus of $3,000 for helping during the transition.  Larry agreed to the bonus.  Gary also gave his word that her position and salary will be looked at again during budget time.  It was suggested that a salary survey be done.  Brandie suggested that salary line item be left blank and research is done regarding salaries in the surrounding towns.


·        Motion – Gary made the motion that the $3,000 bonus happens for Heather.  Larry second it.


·        Vote – Yes to grant the $3,000 compensation.

6.   Board of Health: Service Zone Agreement


·        Jim Ebiz recommends that the agreement not by signed at this time. Jim will keep the Selectmen informed.


  1. All Boards meetings: Discuss how to proceed with conducting future meetings


·        Bill would like to still have them but take Dec. Jan. Feb. off.  Attendance has been dropping.  If people don’t come, then it doesn’t make sense to keep having them.  Attendance is not mandatory for Town employees. Jim feels it’s a good way to communicate with other departments.


·        Vote – All agreed to table the meetings until the spring.


8.   Other

Jim Crandall of the Maintenance department addressed the Board regarding using Maintenance staff for plowing and snow removal.  He stated that he could have used a full crew during the storm.  One of his crew members was unable to take his scheduled vacation.  They worked many hours clearing snow from the snowstorm.  Mat was both plowing and covering wastewater.  Jim would like to have a 4-man crew.  He feels he would have been able to cover snow removable much easier.  Does not feel that the Wastewater person should be the 4th plow operator. Jim was not supposed to be back into snow plowing and snow removable. Jim is salary and is currently not receiving additional pay for the long hours of plowing.  Now that he doesn’t have his full staff he is being forced back into the plow truck.


If spring and summer help is used in the winter it will take away from their time in the spring.  Salaried people are doing more.  Question was if Keith should be called in to plow.  Keith used to plow and used to work with the Highway department.  Brandi was asked to talked to Keith to see if he is willing to plow. It was questioned if the town can sub it out.  Brandie will talk to Keith and post the position for plowing.  Highway doesn’t need another full time person except for plowing.  Could use a sub-contractor for this year.  Brandi suggested hiring  some one for seasonal.  She think that there are deadlines to hire seasonal employee though.  Brandie will find out.  Jim mentioned that the Selectmen can sign the MRF contract without town meeting.  Can be sign at the first meeting in January.


There was some discussion on if the Selectmen should have 3 meetings in January to meet about the MRF contract and the transfer station.


It was suggested that the Board meets 3 times in January.  Meeting dates in January will be January 7, 14 and 28.


  1. Adjournment.

At 7:40


The Select Board unanimously adjourned the Select Board meeting at 7:40



Respectfully submitted,

Heather Morgan

Selectmen’s Secretary, Town of Otis


List of Documents
1.    Hazard Mitigation Plan Grant & Contract
2.    Service Zone Agreement