Select Board Meeting Minutes 04/02/2020

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Town of Otis

Select Board Meeting Minutes

April 2, 2020

6:00 p.m.


Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 6:01 pm.  The meeting took place remotely using Zoom. A quorum was present.


Present: Gary Thomas, Bill Hiller, Larry Southard, Brandi Page, Larry Gould, Heather Morgan, Lyn O’Brien, Jim Crandall


The purpose of the meeting was to test Zoom to see if it is appropriate to use for town meetings.  There were no other agenda items.


The automatic call regarding the transfer station was discussed briefly.   People are socializing and wanting to dump prohibited items at the Transfer Station.  Transfer station staff was told to call Chip if there are any more problems.


The Zoom software and the link to the meeting worked well.  Larry Southard was able to join the meeting using his iPhone.  The chat and share screen feature were tested.  We will have participants use the chat feature instead of talking.  We discussed adding directions to the website for the meeting participants.  Next meeting will be April 14.  Meeting materials will be sent to the Selectmen prior to the meeting for their review.


Motion to adjourn at 6:19.



Respectfully Submitted,

Heather Morgan

Selectmen’s Secretary