Select Board Meeting Minutes 01/12/2021

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Select Board Meeting Minutes

Otis Town Hall

Conference Room

January 12, 2021

7:00 p.m.


*This meeting is being conducted remotely through Zoom. You must check back within 24 hours of the start time for a link to join.

Pursuant to the Governor’s March 12, 2020 order suspending certain provisions of the Open Meeting Law, G.L. c. 30A, Sec 18, this meeting is being held via remote participation to the greatest extent possible. Every effort is being made to ensure that any member of the public may access the meeting in real time, via technological means. Agendas will be amended to show the link and participation code to access the meeting no sooner than 48 hours before. Recordings and/or draft proceedings of the meeting will be available on our website as soon as possible.



Attendance: Chair Bill Hiller, Selectmen Larry Southard, Selectmen Gary Thomas, Heather Morgan, Brandi Page, Jake Komar, Patricia Rizzo, Linda, Ann Odonnell, Cynthia Gaylord, Diane Provenz, Donald Chaffee, Celeste Watman, EOS Enterprises, Frank Tolopko, Irene Gilman, Jim Crandall, Josh Warren, Kathy Couch, Larry Gould, Leigha Chaffee, Lisa Warren, Lyn Obrien, Miranda Fedo – Argiro, Phil Magovern, Roberta, Robin Peterson, Sonia, and Terry Gould (28 total)


Call to Order.



Approval of Select Board Minutes of December 22nd, 2020.

The Selectboard unanimously approved the minutes.


Board of Health. Katie’s Appeal

The letter written by Patricia Racine, EOS Enterprises, to the Otis Board of Health was read.  In response to the letter, Bill stated that he was in the store buying pork chops when he witnessed the employee not wearing a mask.  The employee was a foot from Bill handing him the pork chops and he did not have a face shield or a mask.  Gary was not there on that day, but he has seen the employee not wearing a mask.  Gary explained that he did discuss the situation with Patricia, and she did admit it was a problem. When Patricia is working, the employee is compliant.  The employee does understand that he may have to pay the fine. Larry Southard recused himself from the discussion and vote.  The Select Board, who also serves as the Board of Health, voted to fine Katie’s for violation of the mask mandate.


Forest Plan

A forest management plan was submitted to the town.  Jim Crandall discussed boundary issues that are not easily resolved particularly on the Klondike side.  It will need to be resolved before the plan can move forward.   Jim suggested looking into a grant program to help with the cost.  The cost of marking the boundaries would be about $1,500.  Jim suggests opening an account to pay for the expenses.  He feels marking the boundaries is not urgent but would like to get the paperwork in soon.  The Board unanimously agreed to sign the forest management plan.


Review and Approval of Warrants.


Any topics not reasonably anticipated by the Chair at the time of the original posting.

Gary had some good news regarding St. Paul’s church. For several years there was a warrant article for town meeting that stated the town would raise, appropriate the sum of $5,000 for the Community Center account.  The bottom line is, if St. Paul’s is going to be called a Community Center then the funds can be used for St. Paul’s.  There is $70,000 in the account and it is still available.  Sonia mentioned the Otis Preservation Trust will have $210,000 available.  They have also submitted to four foundation grants.  Bill would like Brandi to check with Jeremiah to see if the Otis Preservation Trust can use the money.  Bill and Larry agreed to table the transfer of the money until checking with Jeremiah.  Sonia thanked Gary.


Diane asked a question about the capital account.  There should be about $700 currently in the account. Margaret will need to look for the account number.  It is a Karen and Margaret question.  Diane wants to make sure that the money is in its own account.  Sonia had a question regarding the warrant.







Respectfully Submitted,

Heather Morgan

Town of Otis Secretary



List of Documents

Forest Land Management Plan

Katie’s Appeal Letter