Recreation Commission Minutes 11/15/2016

Recreation Commission
November 15, 2016, Tuesday @ 6:30PM
Harmony Hall, 70 North Main Road, Otis, MA


Meeting called by & time: Kathy Carroll, 6:37PM.
Meeting facilitated by: Kathy Carroll.
Board Members Present: Kathy Carroll, Dana Pustinger, Mary Adams.
Board Members Absent: Bill Dyer.
Others Present: Patricia Richard, Program Supervisor.


Introductions. None needed.
Review & approval of Minutes. October 2016.
Accounting. Kathy attended a recent Select Board meeting and inquired about accounting reports – who do we request them from as we’ve been instructed to request them from several different people in the past – an email request was sent to receive reports on a quarterly basis from the Town Accountant, Margaret McClellan, for the purpose of cross referencing as there have been discrepancies. It was instructed to send the request of the reports to Bill Hiller.
Rec Center.
Weight Room. We had a few gym users inquire recently about opening access to the Rec Center a littler earlier, 5:00AM instead of 6:00AM. Kathy inquired with the Select Board about this at a recent meeting and it was approved. Rec Center PIN#s are valid 5:00AM-8:30PM (7 days/week); users need to be out of the building by 9:00PM. Patricia will post to the website & building and send out to email subscribers.
501c3. The IRS paperwork was reviewed. Patricia inquired with members of the Mass Rec & Parks Association regarding 501c3 and relayed feedback/information. Kathy and Mary plan to meet with Sandy from the Fire Department to find out more information.
Fundraising. Discussed some possible ideas – obstacle course event, wreaths, poinsettias, cookies, cakes/pies.
Programs/Project Proposals.
Six Flags. Patricia provided an update – we had very low in-office purchases (12) and no online purchases.
Cardio Blast. An additional class has been added during the week, Thursday evenings for January & February as a trial run.
Dance-Rumba. Very good attendance. Discussed possibly offering another dance program in the Spring. Reviewed surveys, excellent feedback.
Chair Tai Chi/Qigong & Tai Chi/Qigong. Going well, Patricia re-iterated the importance of the sign-in sheet information to instructors – this contains the participant’s emergency contact information and must be printed clearly in case of emergency. Patricia noted that all sign-in sheets haven’t been received yet for the October program breakdown report so the report will be late.
Youth Program. Patricia will inquire with Chris Morris regarding insurance/liability for the possibility of an obstacle course event on Town property.
Gingerbread House Event.
Payment options for Gingerbread & Egg Hunt in-store purchases. Patricia explained that she contacted Jim Wilusz of Tri-Town Health regarding allergies of participants. He suggested the idea of a monetary allowance for these participants to purchase their own supplies. Patricia will contact the families about allergies and the allowance. Unopened leftovers will be donated to Farmington River Elementary, first grade, for the gingerbread house project that Mrs. Lander coordinates. Kathy will contact Walmart and BJ’s about on-account possibilities.
Memos. Holiday party information.
Old Business.
New Business. 1. No recent update on the status of the weight room, if people inquire for another update (since the last official update) mention that they can contact Chris Morris. 2. Patricia noted that the federal minimum wage will be increased to $11/hour starting 1/1/17.

Meeting adjourned at: 8:31PM.
Respectfully submitted by: Patricia Richard.
Submitted to Town Clerk.