Recreation Commission Minutes 10/20/2016

Recreation Commission
October 20, 2016, Thursday @ 6:30PM
Harmony Hall, 70 North Main Road, Otis, MA


Meeting called by & time: Kathy Carroll, 6:40PM.
Meeting facilitated by: Kathy Carroll.
Board Members Present: Kathy Carroll, Bill Dyer, Dana Pustinger, Mary Adams.
Board Members Absent: None.
Others Present: Patricia Richard, Program Supervisor.


Introductions. None needed.
Review & approval of Minutes. September 2016, March 2015, February 2015. Patricia noted she is caught up on meeting minutes.
Accounting. Reviewed.
Rec Center. Gym users have inquired about earlier access to the Rec Center/Gym. Discussed. Kathy will inquire at the next upcoming All Board’s meeting.
Staff. No update.
Programs/Project Proposals.
Updates. Patricia explained that after last month’s meeting discussion, the “Chair” form of Tai/Chi and Qigong has been scheduled for Saturday mornings, we are still offering (standing) Tai Chi & Qigong. We’ve had several requests for the chair form – this will be run a trial basis and reviewed in January.
Youth Program. 1. Discussed the Obstacle Course Event – Kathy presented some ideas for the obstacles. Location, liability waiver, time of year was discussed along with ages groups – ages 5-8 and ages 9-13. Each person will bring two ideas to next month’s meeting as possibilities for obstacles. 2. Discussed the Youth Gardening program (Green Thumb’s Club). After discussion it was decided to not offer it next year due to no inquiries/registrants. 3. Discussed Maple Corner Farm passes. Kathy made a motion to offer them this coming season; Bill seconded the motion; the commission voted unanimously to offer Maple Corner Farm passes this season.
Gingerbread House Event. Payment options for Gingerbread & Easter Egg Hunt in-store purchases. 10/18/16 email from Chris Morris – “The accountant ran the gift card idea by our Department of Revenue representative and this approach does not satisfy Massachusetts municipal finance regulations. The short answer is that municipalities generally cannot spend money without an invoice approved ahead of time.” Bill Hiller has offer to give the Rec Center a cash advance for this year’s event to purchase in-store items. Discussed volunteers and shifts.
Memos. None.
Old Business. None.
New Business. 1. Discussed the December 2016 meeting – cancelled. 2. Patricia will be taking some vacation time around the holidays in December and asked Bill if he could take care of the requests/distribution of the ski passes – OK. 3. Patricia noted that not all data has been received in order to prepare the September 2016 program breakdown report. 4. Patricia explained that she has been working on offering online registration & evaluations. A trial was run for the recent Dance program and will be reviewed. The registration process emails the participant confirmation of completing the form in addition to the information they have provided as well as the office receiving this information. Patricia hopes this will help with streamlining the registration process. 5. Patricia informed the Commission of a legislation alert for kayak safety, H.2180. This will need to be referenced if a kayak program/guided paddle is offered in the future. 6. Mary inquired about Flex Passes, how they work, Patricia explained the details. Information is also posted on the website and at the Rec Center. Flex Passes are only available for purchase at the Rec Center Office. 7. Patricia reported she spoke with Jim Crandall about the condition of the Town Beach this summer – everything went well except for the issue of the bees in the sand.
Meeting adjourned at: 8:42PM.
Respectfully submitted by: Patricia Richard.
Submitted to Town Clerk.