Recreation Commission Minutes 04/28/2016

Recreation Commission
April 28, 2016, Thursday @ 8:30AM
Harmony Hall, 70 North Main Road, Otis, MA


Meeting called by & time: Bob Rosen, 8:35AM.
Meeting facilitated by: Bob Rosen.
Board Members Present: Bob Rosen, Kathy Carroll, Bill Dyer (left at 10:10AM).
Board Members Absent: None.
Others Present: Patricia Richard, Program Supervisor.

Introductions. None needed.
Review & approval of Minutes. Reviewed & approved 1/26/16, 2/25/16, 3/8/16, 3/9/16 & 3/17/16.
FY16. Reviewed line item balances. Patricia stated that we would be slightly over budget in the Staff Line item of Program Supervisor, this line item included a total of 56 contingency hours. Discussed and approved monies to be deducted from the Staff line item as there will be a balance.
Revolving. We haven’t received reports from the Accountant. Lisa in the Selectmen’s office was able to provide these for awhile, but isn’t permitted to anymore.
Donation. We haven’t received reports from the Accountant. Lisa in the Selectmen’s office was able to provide these for awhile, but isn’t permitted to anymore.
FY17. 1. Reviewed email from Chris Morris regarding an update from the 3/28/16 Select & Finance Board’s meeting regarding the Recreation Commission’s proposed budget, attached. Summary—portable toilets for the Town Beach & Town Hall Park were moved to the Maintenance Dept.; Swim lessons & Memberships were rolled into the Programs line item; Contingency hours for the Program Supervisor which would include Rec monthly meetings, budget meetings plus various other meetings (All Boards and Select Board) and hours for the Easter Egg Hunt and Gingerbread House were eliminated therefore these hours will need to be taken out of regular office hours and as a result, the office will be closed for these durations. Contingency hours for the Supervisor were eliminated as well. Geese deterrent was eliminated. 2. Program line item breakdown report was provided as requested by the Select Board to see $22,000 appropriation of programs and memberships (to local attractions). 3. Patricia inquired with the Recreation Commission if she can now start scheduling with the instructors as well as requesting space for these programs, as scheduling was put on hold until FY17 budget discussions were completed. 4. It was noted that the requested capital expense, $6,320 Adaptive Motor Trainer unit, was not included on the Town Warrant as an article, this item was intended to replace the elliptical unit. Discussed the possibility of encumbering monies from the Program line item for this equipment, depending on the balance. 5. Select Board & Finance Board members stated at the budget meeting that do not feel that Drop-in Classes for Otis residents and Otis taxpayers should continue to be free. They would like to see fees implemented for Drop-in Classes for Otis residents & Otis taxpayers, discussed. The Recreation Commission would like to distribute a survey to Otis participants & Otis taxpayers regarding affordability and a possible yearly pass, etc. Patricia will work on putting this survey together, have the Commission review it & distribute to all current instructors immediately so completed survey can be reviewed at our May meeting. 6. Patricia stated that there have been no inquiries for the Swim Instructor position. The Recreation Commission discussed and decided that the hourly rate might be a determining factor in not getting any inquires as well as our location and have increased the hourly rate to $30/hour. The Assistant to the Swim Instructor rate has been increased/approved for $15/hour. 7. Bob stated that the reclassification/salary request for Patricia Richard was denied per the Select Board.
Rec Center. Bob Rosen has submitted his resignation as the Chairman as well as a member of the Recreation Commission, effective after this meeting.
Ads. Patricia inquired with Bob if he is still interested in writing the monthly article for the Otis Observer. He will continue to write it and Patricia will edit it. Patricia presented the ad that was included in the Sandisfield Arts Center Program.
Inventory—update. Discussed, this will take approximately one to two days (7 hours each). Involvement–all inventory at the Rec Center, behind the Town Hall as well as the storage shed at the Transfer Station, taking photos of item, serial numbers, inventory stickers, updating the inventory sheet. Need to find out from Karen Fink what paperwork this person will need to complete to get paid, approved $15/hour. 2. Weight Room inventory-reviewed current list of items and purpose of each item. Memo to Chris Morris & Larry Gould with inventory list, what can be kept in this room and what cannot so we can reopen it to the community.
Security. Discussed and do not feel it’s appropriate for the Commission to take on this (building) project. A memo will be sent up to Chris Morris.
Movie Night Supervisor. Tom Soules has been hired.
Program Supervisor job description. Rec did not feel accounting was part of Patricia’s official job description. Accounting responsibilities were tabled at the March 2016 meeting until the Select Board made their decision regarding the reclassification/salary request decision for Patricia Richard. This request was denied. Accounting is necessary for numerous reasons, ranging from line item balances to budget preparation. Patricia recommended that a consultant review what she has currently put together for the chart of accounts and transactions to make sure this is being done correctly. Patricia will inquire with a consultant and the fees involved and Rec Comm will review. It was also discussed if the QuickBooks software should be updated inquire with the consultant. Rec discussed and minimal accounting will need to be done.
Town’s Personnel Policy-Social Media Policy amendment. This is a recent addition to the Personnel Policy, reviewed.
Programs/Project Proposals.
July & August. Reviewed draft schedule submitted by Patricia. Patricia is recommending purchasing additional yoga props due to wear and tear and simply, more participants. Reviewed and approved purchase order. Patricia recommended that this purchase order be reviewed by Chris Morris due to it being over $300 and we were advised any orders over $300 must be approved by the Select Board. 2. Heather Bilotta mentioned that several people have been inquiring about the Yoga Dance/Shake your Soul class for this summer. Discussed, there is no money in the FY17 budget for this program. 3. Discussed youth program ideas. Patricia & Bob met with the Farmington River Elementary PTA recently regarding ideas and collaborating. One idea was suggested, Taekwondo, with parent & child. Patricia mentioned that we visited this program idea a couple years ago, received a proposal, it was very expensive and the Rec Comm decided against it due to the cost. 4. Patricia & Bob met recently with Eve Kummel who coordinates the Community Garden to discuss the possibility of running a parent/child program. Discussion on getting the Farmington River Elementary school/staff involved. Patricia will contact the principal, Tom Nadolny, to set up an appointment to discuss.
Old Business.
New Business.
Master Plan & Appendix. Patricia stated that this plan was adopted January 2016. Our office has one copy. Patricia has also uploaded this to our webpage. 2. Reviewed 2015 Town Report.

Meeting adjourned at: 10:32AM.
Respectfully submitted by: Patricia Richard.
Submitted to Town Clerk.