Recreation Commission Meeting Minutes 11/15/2018

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Recreation Commission

November 15, 2018, Thursday @ 6:30PM

Harmony Hall, 70 North Main Road, Otis, MA



Meeting called by & time:  Kathy Carroll, 6:37PM.

Meeting facilitated by:  Kathy Carroll.

Board Members Present: Kathy Carroll, Bill Dyer, Dana Pustinger.  (Bill left 7:50PM)

Board Members Absent: Mary Adams.

Others Present:  Patricia Richard, Program Supervisor.



  1. Introductions. None needed.
  2. Review & approval of Meeting Minutes. Reviewed & approved 10/4/18.
  3. Accounting.
    1. Town Accountant Reports.  Reviewed.
    2. Rec Center Reports.  Reviewed.
    3. Accounting program.
  4. Rec Center.
    1. QuickBooks issues.  Technology Committee going to discuss Rec new computer.
    2. Email issues.  Technology Committee going to discuss Rec new computer.
    3. Planning Board meeting regarding Harmony Hall 9/17/18.
    4. Weight Room status.  No update.
    5. AED Unit.  No update.
    6. All Board’s update.  Reviewed, attached.
    7. Kayaks.  Five kayaks were transferred from the Police Dept to Rec years ago, but Rec was never notified.  Transfer was approved by the Select Board.  Discussed ideas for usage and storage.  Patricia will check with Maintenance Dept on the dimensions of the Town Beach shed.
  5. Staff.  Town Hall gym has been reserved for Movie Nights with Tom Soules.
  6. Programs/Project Proposals.
    1. Butternut Tubing.  Reviewed draft, include info on return/exchange, liability, etc.  Passes are sold in bunches of 24, will purchase one to start, approved the purchase of three batches (total) if needed.  Additional batches may be paid through the revolving account.
    2. Essential Oils Workshop.  Scheduled for the Spring.
    3. Gingerbread House Event.  Reviewed scheduled & volunteers.  Rec Commissioners and Patricia will share the list of items to purchase and will submit for reimbursements for in-store items.
    4. Glass Blowing Workshop.  This turned out to be too difficult to set up with Greenwoods Glass Gallery due to necessary deposit, cancellation, fees, etc.
    5. Halloween.  Handed out candy and LED wands, about 110 kids.
    6. Jewelry Workshop – rescheduled.  Cancelled due to not reaching minimum number of participants for workshop.
    7. Joints & Glands Class.  No update.
    8. Movie license.  Relocated to the Town Hall starting in January 2019.  TV cart has been purchased for Rec Center TV/DVD player/sound equipment.
    9. Pickleball.  Searching for a certified instructor.
    10. Six Flags.  Closed regular tix for the season, returned unused tix & sent payment.
    11. Ski Helmets.  Scheduled for 1/5/19 & 2/23/19.  Patricia will be working with Paul Zielinski (National Ski Patrol).
    12. Town Beach.
  1. Sand – replenish?   Will require approximately 50 tons of mason sand.
  2. Play ship – mulch? Patricia will contact Jim/maintenance regarding how much we may need and see if it can be ordered with his bulk order.
    1. Zumba.  Possible instructor not available.
  1. Memos.
  2. Old Business.
  3. New Business.  1.  Approved Sandisfield Arts Center ad $75, ¼ page, for yearly brochure.  2.  Jan-June 2019 drop-in classes scheduled.  3.  Performer for summer 2019 should be booked by January or February.
  4. Adjourn.



Meeting adjourned at: 8:25PM.

Respectfully submitted by: Patricia Richard.

Submitted to Town Clerk.