Recreation Commission Meeting Minutes 08/24/2017

Recreation Commission

August 24, 2017, Thursday @ 6:30PM

Harmony Hall, 70 North Main Road, Otis, MA



Meeting called by & time:  Kathy Carroll, 7:00PM.

Meeting facilitated by:  Kathy Carroll.

Board Members Present:  Kathy Carroll, Dana Pustinger.

Board Members Absent:  Bill Dyer, Mary Adams.

Others Present:  Patricia Richard, Program Supervisor.



  1. Introductions. None needed.
  2. Review & approval of Minutes.  Approved 7/27/17 meeting minutes.
  3. Accounting.
  4. Rec Center.
    1. Website. Patricia explained that she’s been running into issues with updating to the new website – it was determined by Bobby Flower (Prospect Marketing) and Bill Hiller (Select Board & Technology Committee) that part of the problem is the DSL service at the Rec Center along with the Rec Center Office computer being old and not updated.  It was suggested for Patricia to go to the Town Hall and use one of their computers for updating for the website until fiber is installed for use at the Rec Center.
    2. Exercise Equipment – preventive maintenance.  Completed, technician recommended the rollers to be replaced on both treadmills.  He’s going to submit a claim for the rollers and will keep us updated.  He also recommends having preventive maintenance done once or twice a year on the PreCor equipment, depending on the usage.
  5. Staff.
    1. Instructor policy-final draft.  Reviewed, it was suggested to include a copy of the warning notice along with changing the swim shifts from Noon-3:00PM to 12:15-2:45PM (with offering three levels).  Patricia noted that instructors are responsible for submitting their insurance certificates along with CPR/AED certificates on a regular basis to the Rec Center Office.
  6. Programs/Project Proposals.
    1. Updates.  1Reviewed schedule.  2.  Returning Chair Yoga to original start time of 10:00AM starting in September.  3.  Reviewed surveys from Intuitive Painting workshop held in August – excellent reviews.  We had eight registrants and only six showed up.  4.  Discussed fees and cancellation/refund policy – implement 8/25/17.  5.  Connie Wilson submitted a project proposal for Ayurveda for Autumn & Winter, a two-hour workshop.  Discussed and approved, $8/Otis $18 Non Otis participants.
    2. Cardio Blast – Mon AM & Thurs PM.
    3. Evening class possibilities.  Patricia inquired with a couple hooping instructors, but hasn’t received responses yet.
    4. Obstacle Course Event.  Discussed, it was determined we need at least 20 participants to run this event and only 13 participants registered so it was cancelled. Further discussion – change date? Change advertising to reflect that it’s a small obstacle course.
    5. Yoga Workshop-May & August.  August workshop cancelled due to low number of registrants.  Discussed and felt that the day/time offering may not have worked.
    6. Maple Corner Farm.  Update and criteria change for next season.  Tabled.
    7. Movie License.  Update per Bill Hiller, Otis Library has a movie license – will receive update from him and Walter Engels regarding Rec Center usage.
    8. STRETCH.  Very well attended.
    9. Shake your Soul.  Discussed, run until November and review.
    10. Swim Lessons.  Patricia provided attendance:  July session 9 kids, August session 18 kids.  There weren’t many level adjustments in the August session which created a somewhat large group for L2 – this level was ultimately divided in half.  Discussed the possibility of a day of evaluation to determine participant levels – will discuss further.  Dana suggested the idea of participants receiving a skill completion sheet at the end of the session from the instructor.
    11. Community event.  About 30 or so people (kids & adults) attended the 8/5/17 community event (even with the forecast of rain).  Magician, face painting & ice cream truck.
    12. Waltz.
    13. Tai Chi/Qigong & Chair Tai Chi/Qigong.  Scheduled for Saturdays, September through December.
  7. Town Beach.  None.
  8. Memos.  None.
  9. Old Business.   Patricia explained that we received a refund from Mass Rec & Park Association due to membership.  It was originally understood that we needed to file as an agency in order to have members attend the conference.  MRPA informed us that our current membership status – associate – covers members attending the annual conference.
  10. New Business.  1Kathy & Patricia attended the 8/14/17 Planning Board Meeting due an agenda item including the Rec Center Building (Harmony Hall).  There was brief discussion by the Planning Board and that they would like to visit/evaluate buildings being discussed as part of the re-purpose of Town buildings – this would be done through Larry Gould.   The Board explained that they will eventually send out a survey to find out what the townspeople would like. Patricia explained that if they needed any data that we could provide that we would in addition to answering any questions about the Rec Center building and usage.  2.  Mary provided an update from a recent Select Board meeting she attended inquiring about the payment method for the Gingerbread House event items (in-store).  Don Hawley explained that the City of Westfield has some type of open purchase accounts that are set up at vendors in which in-store purchases can be made – he will inquire with Karen and/or Margaret.  Discussed possible dates and number of times for this event – tentatively 12/9/17, Saturday, with three sessions, with a limit of 50 per session – dates & sessions will be discussed further at next month’s meeting.
  11. Adjourn.


Meeting adjourned at: 9:05PM.

Respectfully submitted by: Patricia Richard.

Submitted to Town Clerk