Recreation Commission Meeting Minutes 08/23/2018

Recreation Commission

August 23, 2018, Thursday @ 6:30PM

Harmony Hall, 70 North Main Road, Otis, MA



Meeting called by & time:  Kathy Carroll, 6:41PM.

Meeting facilitated by:  Kathy Carroll.

Board Members Present: Kathy Carroll, Dana Pustinger.

Board Members Absent: Bill Dyer, Mary Adams.

Others Present:  Patricia Richard, Program Supervisor.



  1. Introductions. None needed.
  2. Review & approval of Meeting Minutes.  No meeting minutes.
  3. Accounting.
    1. Town Accountant Reports.  Will request reports for September meeting.
    2. Rec Center Reports.
    3. Accounting program.  Inquire if we’ll be able to use the new accounting software for functions that are currently being used with QuickBooks.
  4. Rec Center.
    1. QuickBooks issues.
    2. Town Website issues.  Met with website consultant, some issues have been resolved.  He will work on the remaining issues.
    3. Email issues.  Bill Hiller explained the Town will be moving email services soon so we should not continue to have these issues.
    4. Planning Board meeting regarding Harmony Hall 9/17/18.  Public hearing to discuss what the public would like to do with Harmony Hall.
    5. Weight Room status.  No update.
    6. Sandisfield Times.  The Times will be writing a featured article on the Rec Center in the upcoming months.
    7. AED Unit.  For the Rec Center – is the Rec Center required to have a unit?  Inquired, waiting on response from the building inspector.
  5. Staff.  Cleaning of exercise equipment is scheduled for once a week.
  6. Programs/Project Proposals.  Movie license is up for renewal, discussed & approved.  Patricia will submit for payment.
    1. Intro to Chair Yoga.  The August session of this class had low attendance.  Discussed and will offer one session every few months.
    2. Essential Oils Workshop.  Waiting on certificate of insurance.
    3. Fun in the Sun – community event, 7/21/18.  Reviewed surveys, great – received some suggestions for different types of performers for next year’s event.  Worked very well at the end of the Town Hall driveway versus behind the Town Hall.
    4. Gingerbread House Event.  Reserved — set up 12/7 and event 12/8.
    5. Glass Blowing Workshop.  Update – this workshop would require a non-refundable deposit.  Patricia will inquire further.
    6. Halloween.  Discussed, the Rec Center will hand out candy and either glow sticks or flashlights this year.
    7. Jewelry Workshop – reschedule?  Scheduled for 10/12/18.
    8. Joints & Glands Class.  Waiting on scheduling availability from instructor.
    9. Maple Corner Farm.  Discussed, not renewing this year.
    10. Obstacle Course – 8/18/18.  Reviewed surveys, great – couple suggestions for next year have three separate age groups and a buzzer at the end of the course.  Need more volunteers.
    11. Otis Ski Ridge.  Renewed, same price and format as last year.
    12. Swim Lessons.  Discussed, look into the cost of a WSI (water safety instructor).
    13. Town Beach.
  1. Speeding.
  2. Dogs.
  • Non-hand carried vessel being launched.
  1. Buoy lines moved.
  2. Recreation vehicles.
  3. Sand – replenish?
  • Play ship – mulch?
    1. Town Hall Kitchen.  Update from 8/4/18 BOS meeting:  Town Kitchen Usage:  Mrs. Beaudry was inquiring about using the kitchen for potential cooking classes in association with the Rec Center.  Don noted that the kitchen is open to any resident as long as the use is for non-profit purposes only.  Non-profit means that any cooking instructor cannot be paid for their services.
    2. Town Hall Gym phone. Town Hall gym phone will be installed after the new phone system is installed. 
    3. Zumba.
  1. Memos.
  2. Old Business.   Update –Included response regarding crosswalks on Route 8 & 23 in All Board’s update report.
  3. New Business.  1.  The Zumba instructor is not available the times the Town Hall gym is available.  She will pass along our information to some instructors.  2.  Reviewed inventory for disposal and/or donation.  See attached.  3.  Discussed the Tai Chi/Qigong combo (standing and/or chair class) and have approved extending this class 15 minutes, Saturdays 10:45AM-12:15PM.
  4. Adjourn.



Meeting adjourned at: 8:25PM.

Respectfully submitted by: Patricia Richard.

Submitted to Town Clerk.