Recreation Commission Meeting Minutes 07/27/2017

Recreation Commission

July 27, 2017, Thursday @ 6:30PM

Harmony Hall, 70 North Main Road, Otis, MA



Meeting called by & time:  Kathy Carroll, 6:42PM.

Meeting facilitated by:  Kathy Carroll.

Board Members Present:  Kathy Carroll, Bill Dyer, Mary Adams, Dana Pustinger.

Board Members Absent:  None.

Others Present:  Patricia Richard, Program Supervisor.



  1. Introductions.  None needed.
  2. Review & approval of Minutes.  Approved 6/22/17 Meeting Minutes.
  3. Accounting.
    1. FY17.  Reviewed.
    2. FY18.  Reviewed.
  4. Open Meeting Law.  Noted, was emailed to Commissioners and is on file at Rec Center.
  5. Rec Center.
    1. Website.  Update – it was stated that the new website should be “live” within the next few weeks.
    2. Maintenance.
    3. Exercise Equipment.  Reviewed New England Fitness preventative maintenance service agreement for PreCor equipment.  Approved – schedule first appointment and find out how often it’s recommended for the equipment to get serviced.
  6. Staff.
    1. Instructor policy-review revisions.  Reviewed, approved.
  7. Programs/Project Proposals.
    1. Updates.  1.  Discussed Cardio Blast Thursday evening class.  Participation has not been consistent.  Discussed ideas for other classes and possible available evenings at the Town Hall gym.  2.  Discussed participant concern with Writing your Family History schedule for this past July & August.  Patricia explained that there are few factors with scheduling – space & parking is limited at the Town Hall as well as the instructor’s scheduling.  Patricia and Barb Foley discussed these factors while scheduling.  Wednesday evenings (6:00-8:00PM) were an option (Monday mornings were not available as scheduled in previous years as we already had classes scheduled/running for quite some time).  Due to the day/time change with this class other participants were able to participate.
    2. Obstacle Course Event.  Reviewed details.
    3. Dance-Hustle.
    4. Yoga Workshop-May & August.  Discussion-fees for the August workshop, $18 Otis, $28 Non-Otis.   Fees were originally discussed/decided prior to marketing.  Patricia explained that a calculation is used in determining the cost per participant.  Implementing fees (for Otis participants) were discussed/approved at the 6/22/17 Recreation meeting and approved due to people registering and not notifying the office of not being able to attend or just simply, not showing up.  Surveys from the May workshop were reviewed in determining this fee as well, as most Otis participants were willing to pay a fee.  After discussion, it was decided to lower the rate.
    5. Maple Corner Farm.  Update and criteria change for next season.
    6. Movie License.  Patricia provided a quick update – received statement with late charges, Motion Picture Licensing Corporation explained original check (May 2017) had a stop payment issued on it by the Town, Chris Morris stated another check was issued and it would be going out the end of the week (7/18/17).
    7. Shake your Soul.  See 7a.
    8. Swim Lessons.  Patricia explained that she just found the swim assistant will not be available for swim lessons next week.  Discussed and was able to provide a sub.
    9. Community event.  Patricia will arrive 11:00AM for setup and the vendors.  Patricia updated the Commission and reminded everyone that all staff, volunteers vendors need to complete CORI’s, as per the State.  (Patricia also inquired/confirmed with the Mass Rec & Park Association regarding CORIs at events.)  Patricia initially contacted Bryan Arnold with the Rescue Squad in May regarding the Rescue Squad and Fire Department attending the 8/5/17 event.  He will discuss at their upcoming meetings.
  8. Town Beach.
    1. Items left up at Beach – hand-carried vessels, i.e. kayaks, canoes, etc.; benches.  Discussed.  Kathy will bring up at the next All Board’s Meeting.  Discussed concerns with people smoking up at the Beach.
    2. Boulders moved.
  9. Memos.
  10. Old Business.
  11. New Business.  The Council on Aging shared some information on a grant-based program “A Matter of Balance” and feel we offer classes that cover these skills.
  12. Adjourn.



Meeting adjourned at: 8:55PM.

Respectfully submitted by: Patricia Richard.

Submitted to Town Clerk.