Recreation Commission Meeting Minutes 02/28/2019

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Recreation Commission

February 28, 2019, Thursday @ 6:00PM

Harmony Hall, 70 North Main Road, Otis, MA




Meeting called by & time:  Kathy Carroll, 6:36PM.

Meeting facilitated by:  Kathy Carroll.

Board Members Present: Kathy Carroll, Bill Dyer, Mary Adams, Dana Pustinger.  (Mary left 7:50PM)

Board Members Absent:

Others Present:  Patricia Richard, Program Supervisor.


  1. Introductions.  None needed.
  2. Review & approval of Meeting Minutes.  Reviewed & approved 11/15/18 & 1/24/19 minutes.
  3. FY20 Budget Proposal.  Submitted 2/14/19.
  4. 2018 Town Report submission.  Reviewed.
  5. Accounting.  Reviewed. 1. Patricia inquired with Becky regarding projected leftover staff monies – if they can be used for other staff this fiscal year – yes.  2. Patricia mentioned that there was discussion of staff changing to bi-weekly pay.  Staff has requested a meeting with the Select Board to understand and ask questions.
    1. Town Accountant Reports.  None.
    2. Rec Center Reports.
    3. Accounting program.
  6. Community Day/Celebration Committee – activities, involvement.  Scheduled for 6/22/19, Saturday.  Inquired if Rec can help with this event.  Discussion.  Felt it was focused on adults (and not children) due to being in the evening, start time 7:00PM.  Not sure what type of help, specifically, they are looking for…Patricia will inquire.
  7. Town Hall Kitchen inventory.  Going forward there will be an inventory list request for the use of kitchen items.
  8. MRPA Conference.  Patricia will attend, 3/25-3/27.
  9. Rec Center.
    1. Office computer.  The computer consultant will be taking the office computer off site to work on it.  With the incompatibility of software, there will be two office computers, the old one and the new one.
  1. QuickBooks issues.
  2. Door access system.
    1. New Office computer.
    2. Planning Board meeting regarding Harmony Hall 9/17/18.  No update.
    3. Building Sub Committee.  Scheduled to meet in March.
    4. AED Unit.  No update.
    5. All Board’s update.  Reviewed.
    6. Welcome Packets.  Received info from Town Clerk, COA & Otis Fiber.  Packets will be put together with this info and available to residents.
  1. Staff.  No update.
  2. Programs/Project Proposals.
    1. Program Breakdown report, new format.  Reviewed, will be submitted on a quarterly basis.
    2. Release Form for volunteers & programs.  Reviewed – this is a new form from the insurance company.
    3. Certificate of Insurance.  Patricia has reminded sub-contractors to submit their certificates.
    4. Recreation Statute.  Reviewed.
    5. Basket Weaving Workshop.  Scheduled for 4/6/19, Saturday, Wendy Jensen’s Studio, registration is now open.
    6. Easter Egg Hunt.  Bunny costume.  The Catolane’s have purchased one and have volunteered to “help” with the Bunny.  Scheduled for 4/13/19, rain date 4/14/19.  We will have the Easter Bunny again this year and a photo station.
    7. Essential Oils Workshop.  Scheduled for 5/17/19, Friday, 6:30PM.
    8. Library Fair, Performer, Bike safety/rodeo, car seat check?  Scheduled for 7/6/19, Saturday.  Rec will sponsor a performer, bike/helmet check, car seat check.  Police Dept. checking into the Pittsfield PD ice cream truck.
    9. Ski Helmet Days 2/23/19.  Checked 20, distributed 30.
    10. Town Beach.
  1. Sand – replenish?
  2. Play ship – mulch?
    1. Yoga/Ayurveda Study sessions.  Discussed, minimum to run this workshop is six participants, Otis $20, Non $30.
    2. Youth Obstacle Challenge.   Tabled.
  1. Memos.
  2. Old Business.
  3. New Business.  1.  Reviewed Springfield Thunderbirds ticket packet.  Approximately 38 games per season.  This be run as a courtesy program, ticket cost to Rec available to community.  2.  Exercise equipment yearly maintenance tentatively scheduled for March.  3.  Kathy will renew her term, but will not continue as Chair.
  4. Adjourn.


Meeting adjourned at: 8:16PM.

Respectfully submitted by: Patricia Richard.

Submitted to Town Clerk.