Rec Center Access/Users – reminders

Rec Center Access/Users – just a few friendly reminders:

• PIN#s are valid 5:00AM-8:30PM, 7 days/week.

(If you’d like to join the Rec Center, please contact the Rec Office 413/269-4541)
• No guests.
• Main door sticks this time of year due to humidity, please see instructions on door.
• ONLY use main door for entering/exiting the building. Emergency exits are for emergencies ONLY.
• A/C available in Cardio room & Rec Hall, you are welcome to use, please remember to shut off.
• Remember to clean exercise equipment before AND after use.
• Wi-Fi available, free, no password.
• Internet TV available during Rec Center Office hours, just inquire.

ENJOY the Rec Center:)

Questions? please contact the Rec Center 413/269-4541.