Planning Board Minutes 06/12/2017

Town of Otis
Planning Board Meeting Minutes
June 12, 2017
Town Hall Inspectors’ Office

Meeting called to order at 7:02 pm in the Otis Town Hall Inspectors’ Room. The meeting is recorded and a quorum is present.

Present: Hal Kobrin, Michael Ernst, Terry Cook, Jim Kauffman, Rona Knight, Al Koivisto

Others: Jon Goddard, Ziter Saloomey, Linda Cimma, Sonia Morrison

Election of New Chairman: Jim Kauffman nominated Michael Ernst, seconded by Terry Cook. Al Koivisto nominated Hal Kobrin, but nobody seconded that nomination. Hal asked if he could second his nomination, but the board was not certain that could be done. Michael was elected as chairman with four votes and Hal and Al voted for Hal.

Approval of Minutes: The May 8, 2017 Planning Board meeting minutes were unanimously approved as written and the May 15, 2017 Site Plan Meeting minutes were amended and unanimously approved with the amendment. Rona made both motions and Jim seconded both motions.

Form A ANR: Jon Goddard from R. Levesque Associates was here to discuss Ziter’s parcel split. Ziter wants to split out one large parcel (over 50 acres) from his large Chapter 61 lot on Map 17A Lot 35 leaving five smaller parcels. The remaining large piece of the original lot (over 50 acres) is planned to be sold to MA DCR with Ziter retaining ownership of the separated parcels. This parcel split will make it easier for DCR to obtain their large parcel with clean existing property lines. The Planning Board approved the parcel split, signed three original plans and one mylar, and charged for one lot. Hal made the motion to accept and the motion was seconded.

Terry moved the meeting be adjourned, Jim seconded, and the meeting was unanimously adjourned at 7:20 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Lisa D’Orazio
Planning Board Clerk
Town of Otis

List of Documents

1. A copy of the Notice of Public Hearing will be filed with these meeting minutes.

2. A copy of the Site Plan Review documents will be filed with these meeting minutes.