Planning Board Minutes 05/08/2017

Town of Otis
Planning Board Meeting Minutes
May 8, 2017
Town Hall Inspectors’ Office

Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm in the Otis Town Hall Inspectors’ Room. The meeting is recorded and a quorum is present.

Present: Hal Kobrin, Michael Ernst, Terry Cook, Rona Knight, Al Koivisto

Others: Bill Hiller, Lee Tavernia, Don Hawley

Approval of Minutes: The January 9, 2017 minutes were unanimously approved as written. Michael made the motion to accept and Terry seconded.

Form A ANR for Lot Split, Map 17D Lots 26, 27, 28, 29, and 30: Lee Tavernia currently owns lots 29 and 30 which are combined. In order to sell his property he wants to transfer a piece of lots 26 and 27 (also combined) to his combined lot. Lots 26 and 27 are owned by Lee’s father-in-law, Ziter Saloomey. The Form A ANR request was unanimously approved and Lee was charged for a single lot. $35.00 fee was paid.

Marijuana Workshop: Hal attended the workshop back in January. Basically, Boston had not yet determined how this would work and had implementation planned in reverse order from what seemed to be common sense. Each individual can grow up to six plants indoors and secured for their own use.

Upcoming Housing Workshop: Lisa handed out the Save The Date notice and the flyer for the Housing Workshop. No one was interested in attending.

St. Paul’s Church: Hal read a memo from Chris that stated the unsafe conditions at St. Paul’s Church. Hal also noted the Episcopal diocese hired a structural architect and engineer to evaluate the church’s status and he plans to speak at the annual town meeting. Hal claims the church is “built like a barn”.

Petition to reduce the number of Planning Board members: Hal stated he had submitted this petition as a citizen of the town and not as chairman of the Planning Board. He claims eight years ago there was no discussion and no vetting with the Planning Board about increasing board members. Don Hawley argued this was definitely not the case and requested all meeting minutes pertaining to this issue be pulled together. Don also noted that this same request was pulled from the last two years because there was a full membership slate up for election that year. This was the first the Planning Board had heard of this petition and most members were not in agreement with it.

Michael moved the meeting be adjourned, Al K. seconded, and the meeting was unanimously adjourned at 8:09 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Lisa D’Orazio
Planning Board Clerk
Town of Otis

List of Documents

1. A copy of the documents pertaining to the Form A ANR will be filed with these meeting minutes.

2. A copy of the petition to reduce the number of Planning Board members will be filed with these meeting minutes.

3. A copy of the Save the Date email notice will be filed with these meeting minutes.

4. A copy of Chris’ email regarding St. Paul’s will be filed with these meeting minutes.

5. A copy of Jim Carlin’s resignation letter will be filed with these meeting minutes.