Planning Board Meeting Minutes 12/09/2019

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Planning Board Minutes December 9, 2019


Present: Hal Kobrin, Jim Kaufman, Jen Daly, Rona Knight


Public: Stacy Schultz, Dana Pustinger


The Planning Board meeting was brought to order at 7:02.


September 9 meeting minutes were approved unanimously.


November 12 minutes approved, Rona abstained.


Hal discussed the Planning Board Clerk’s duties for the next year: 5 year master plan, complete streets, and solar farm bylaws. Interviews with both applicants were then conducted.


Jeff Wilkinson had requested a copy of the September 09, 2019 Planning Board Meeting minutes The minutes had not been voted on to accepted by the Board at the time of his request, so Hal provided him with a Draft Copy.


New business: The Master Plan & Open Space and Recreation Plans will expire January 2021.  Work on updating these mandatory documents has to be started with updated documents completed before the end of the year (2020). Transportation Master Plan Grants (AKA Complete Streets) is still available, and it was suggested that we do the Transportation Master Plan at the same time as updating the Town Master Plan & Recreation and Open Space Plans Since they all complement each other.  The  DLTA grant from BRPC is coming up for January and is due the end of January. Hal will write application and submit to the Selectmen for signature for submittal.  Hal noted that the state may offer some money for master plan work. This spring we will be putting in a budget for our master plan. Jen wondered about combining complete streets into master plan. There was a general consensus to combine them and the board needs to start this work. Hal will talk with Tom Matuszko at BRPC to see if we can combine them.


Motion by Hal to move forward to contact BRPC  to: a) find out if there are funds available for master plan, b) find our if we can bundle complete streets and the master plan to position ourselves to move forward. Jim seconded. All agreed.





Motion: To let the Select Board know that we are working on redoing the master plan and working on the complete streets, and that we want to combine the two projects if we can. We also want them to sign off on the transportation master plan application (aka complete streets) so that we can submit it to the state to get the grant money. Rona seconded.  All voted in favor.


The building re-use committee is no longer functioning and Hal will suggest to the Select Board that Planning Board take up the business of building reuse.


Bylaws for solar panel facilities will be collected and reviewed to start the process of writing bylaws for such facilities.


Decision about clerk: Decision to offer the job to Stacey at $25/hour. Hal will let both applicants know.


Respectfully submitted,

Rona Knight