Planning Board Meeting Minutes 08/15/2022

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Town of Otis

Planning Board Meeting Minutes August 15, 2022



Call to order 7:00 PM


  1. Roll Call:

Terry Cook-Visser- Chair

Mark Anthony

Jim Kauffman

Rona Knight


  1. Review of July Minutes

Jim motion to accept, mark second, all in favor


  1. Form A

-Avi Laub Monterey Rd

Terry motion to accept, rona second, all in favor


-N. Main St. lot. Property owner is giving part of lot to the church.

Terry motion to accept, rona second, all in favor


  1. Short Term Rental Bylaw Discussion


Question on wording, why is adult age 16 years old and not 18 years.

Concerns about large businesses coming in and raising property values and preventing people who want to live here from buying homes.

Questions on non exempt properties. What is non exempt, document only mentions partially exempt.

Comment. Why small one bedroom paying the same fee as a 6 bedroom home, a persons with a large home might be able to afford the $500 vs someone who might want to rent out just one room in their home

Comments on exemptions. How is an owner in an adjacent property different than someone with a home 1 mile away.  The persons with the adjacent property cout still be out of town and the persons living 1 mile away can still be in the area checking on the rental property as much as an adjacent property owner.

Question. Full time vs part time resident vs non resident, who is paying annually and who is exempt from paying annually and why.

Comment. People will not register to avoid paying large fee, suggested changing cost to tiered fees. Such as price per bedroom with a price cap so that those only renting a room are not paying same fees as a 6 bedroom house.

Comment. Requirements listed for non exempt properties should be requirements for all properties including exempt and partially exempt


Terry motion to table for more review. Jim second, all in favor.


  1. Wireless Bylaws

Wireless bylaws are completed, just catching new board members up.


Terry motion to accept wireless communication bylaws as written and send to selectboard, Rona second, all in favor


  1. Berkshire Regional Planning Commission

Mark has volunteered to be this year’s delegate.


  1. Any other business old or new.
  2. Terry motion to adjourn 7:54. Jim second. All in favor.