Tubing Vouchers @ Ski Butternut

TUBING at Butternut, YES, we have vouchers!

200 tubes, 12 Lanes and a Magic Carpet Lift that makes getting back to the top of the Tubing hill easy. 100% snowmaking coverage ensures there is snow when you may not have it in your backyard.


 Participants must be able to ride in a Tube by themselves—regardless of age.

  1. One Tube per person—people cannot ride two or more in a Tube.
  2. One Tube per lane at a time —no starting until the lanes is clear—no linking to form a Tubing Chain!

The Rec Center pays per VOUCHER—if you do not use for specified date and would like to exchange for another date or return for credit, see below

Thank you to the Otis Residents & Taxpayers for your continued support of the Recreation Commission Budget

VOUCHER is subjected to the following CRITERIA*

  • Use of voucher is restricted to Otis Residents, Otis Taxpayers & their immediate family (children* under age 18).  *Exception—College students must present a valid college ID.  Immediate family=partners, spouses & children.  Grandchildren are not eligible.
  • Proof of identification/residency may be requested.
  • Otis Residents/Otis Taxpayers signing out voucher(es) must be age 18+.
  • Voucher valid for designated user(s), issued date—Friday, Saturday or Sunday.
  • Voucher is non-transferable.
  • If not used for specified date, notify & return this voucher to the Rec Center within a week of issued date in exchange for another date.
  • If not used, return within a week of issued date to receive credit for your season tally.  No voucher returned within the time frame=no credit.
  • Two (2) voucher limit per household per season, depending on availability.
  • Vouchers are available through the  Rec Center Office only*.
  • Vouchers may be reserved up to seven days prior to your tubing date—in person, phone or email.

Sponsored by the Otis Recreation Commission
PO Box 237, 70 North Main Road, Otis, MA
413/269-4541   |   otisrec@verizon.net   |   www.noticeotis.com