Otis Town Hall First in the Nation Embracing Telepresence Technology to Serve Local Government

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Otis Town Hall

First in the Nation Embracing Telepresence Technology

to Serve Local Government


Regional Resource Group, Inc. (RRG) has partnered with the Town of Otis to provide residents with greater access to town hall departments and services through a technology called TelePresence.  The solution that RRG is making available brings a collection of experts from across Massachusetts to our doorstep through a portal device that will be located in the lobby of Town Hall.  Initially, the portal has been located in the Assessors office.


RRG’s president, Harald Scheid, remarks, “Phone conversations, websites, and emails lack the personal connection that comes from meeting face-to-face.  RRG’s Remote Expert Help Desk provides towns like Otis with the next best thing to an ‘across the counter encounter’ – immediate access to our personnel without the expense and loss of efficiency of having staff travel to and from your town hall.”


RRG has partnered with engineers at TelePresence Tech of Plano, Texas and TelePortel of Belgium to bring local government cutting edge technology that provides residents with live, person-to-person sessions using virtual reality transmitted through either a life size 2D or stunning 3-D hologram display.  RRG’s staff appear to our residents in real-time answering their questions anytime during the workweek; though initially the service will be available to Otis residents mornings, Monday through Thursday. We anticipate full day service to be available by the end of summer.


Mr. Scheid explains, “Many of our municipal clients are anxious to show constituents that their city or town is moving in the direction of smarter, leaner, and more responsive government. Regional Resource Group can make that happen for your municipality.”  During the summer of 2019 RRG will install portals in five pilot towns.  The Town of Otis will be among the first Towns in the nation to adopt this exciting technology.


Initially, the RRG Expert Help Desk will service the public’s needs in matters pertaining to the Assessors’ office.  Gradually, the service will add remote assistance to serve other town departments.  Otis Town Administrator, Rebecca Stone, comments, “Town officials are welcoming this new level of accessibility.  It is a wonderful opportunity to have Otis be a part of this expanding technology.”


RRG has served as the Town’s professional assessment staff since 2016.