Otis Library Meeting Minutes 05/23/2019

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Otis Library Museum Meeting

Fair Planning Meeting

Thursday, May 23, 2019


Members in attendance: James Adams, Susan Brofman, Diane Dyer, Susan Ebitz, Jane Feldman, Eve Kummel, Patricia Richard, and Celeste Watman


Meeting was called to order at 6:33 by acting chair Eve Kummel. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the upcoming Library Fair to determine what had been done and what was still needed.  Program Supervisor Patricia Richard of the Otis Recreation Commission shared the following:

  • 10 AM – 2 PM, car seat check by certified inspectors, and bike helmet check/distribution assisted by Otis Police
  • 1:00 PM Ed Pop will perform for children and create balloon sculptures
  • From 11 AM – 2 PM, the “Copsicle” truck from Pittsfield will be donating free ice cream
  • The Commission discussed the possible locations (Behind Town Hall or the Church Green) and they voted to utilize behind Town Hall.

The Library Board was very excited and appreciative of the activities that the Rec Department had chosen to sponsor. This will increase the potential for bringing families to the fair. There was some concern about not inviting the community to the Church Green in front of the library for these activities. A suggestion was made to compromise, and it was decided that Patricia would check to see if the “Copsicicle” truck could be available from 2:15 until 3:00. Susan volunteered to lead interactive activities with children and families during this time on the Church Green.


Advertising and Publicity:

  • After talking to Kathy and Patricia, Susan will make changes to the flyer, make copies, create a distribution list and share with other board members at the next meeting.
  • Library Board and Rec Center will share cost of an ad in The Shopper’s Guide a week before the fair (Kathy, Pat, and Jane to determine specifics)
  • Kathy, Lois and Eve will work with the sandwich board and banners
  • Eve will contact Roberta Stone about making a Robo Call



  • Susan B. will coordinate bank with Walter at our June 13th meeting


Set Up:

  • Friday Night: Eve and Diane will mark off vendor spaces
  • Saturday Morning: Jim A. will work with Jimmy Crandall to gather and set up tables and chairs from the town hall
  • Board members running a table or activity will set up
  • TO DO: Who will be parking cars?
  • All other board members will assist vendors with set up



  • “Sandy and Sandy” performing from 11:00 – 1:00
  • TO DO: Determine location and equipment needs



  • Lyn Pyenson will donate/purchase 125 hot dogs, 100 hamburgers, 75 sausages, veggie burgers, condiments.
  • Jane will confirm acquisition of food and drink with Lyn and get back to the board with specifics concerning what should be purchased. Susan will do an inventory of the library kitchen and generate a list of goods
  • TO DO: Someone (s) to do the shopping
  • Susan’s husband Tony will get fuel for the grill which Kathy will secure from the church. Jane will get ice



  • Pat will work with Otis PD to ensure safety in parking and walking in back of town hall
  • Susan will contact Catholic Church to use their lot for vendor and patron parking
  • TO DO: Volunteers to taxi vendors and patrons who can’t walk


Chinese Auction:

  • Eve and Susan E. will bring quart size mason jars
  • Everyone will donate a basket
  • Celeste will make sure we have raffle tickets, collect, display coordinate table, and conduct the raffle


Bake Table:

  • TO DO: We need someone to organize this table, contact past contributors and solicit donations



  • TO DO: Communicate with the Boy Scouts


Clean UP:

  • Everyone pitch in until the job is done



Respectfully Submitted,

Susan Ebitz, Recording Secretary



Next Meeting: June 13, 2019