Otis Library Meeting Minutes 04/12/2018

Otis Library Meeting
Thursday, April 12, 2018
Full Board – 6:30

Members present included: Diane Dyer, Susan Ebitz, Walter Engels, Jane Feldman, Steve Graves, Eve Kummel and Celeste Watman

Meeting was called to order by Diane Dyer, chair at 6:35.

Steve Graves, a long time Otis Library Trustee was acknowledged and thanked for his dedicated efforts to improve the library for several years.


The March minutes were approved as read. The February and March Treasurer’s Reports were approved. In addition, Walter reported that the town of Otis 4th quarter stipend was received as were the December 2017 and February 2018 Division of Libraries, State of MA library grant monies. It should be noted that the Otis Library received this money because a completed Five-Year Plan was submitted.

In her absence, Kathy submitted a Director’s Report in writing. Her Technology update stated the Sony All in One computer is being updated for use as a reference computer in the reading room, and a new iPad had been ordered for use BY STAFF ONLY for the new mobile applications of the Evergreen web client application. Two new computers have been ordered to replace the outdated ones in the computer area. Also, a cart will be ordered that is 14 inches wide to house the Xerox and the wireless printer in the hallway to comply with the fire code. The library is getting busier and with school vacation next week, it is anticipated that the library will be visited by more patrons. Nonfiction materials are still being organized as the shelving and spacing is being refined. Once that is completed, signage will be posted appropriately. The Director’s report was appreciated and accepted as read. The Board looks forward to hearing more details concerning implementing the new Evergreen web client application. Kathy also submitted an article describing changes and events at the library as well as a calendar of events. (See attached)


Old Business:

James Adams, filed papers and received 34 votes in the Town Caucus to replace Steve’s position as Trustee. It is anticipated that he will be elected this May. Susan will invite him to the May meeting. Steve suggested that Diane Lynch be given the honorary title of Museum Curator in recognition of her continuing and tireless work featuring museum artifacts for all to see. Jane will share this recognition with her.

The work on the initial library reorganization was deemed very successful which made the efforts  gratifying. A sitting room was created as well as a new children’s area. The library has more space and there are many people to thank for this. The board signed six cards of appreciation for those who have helped the Trustees facilitate this project.  We are grateful to Jody Magraf who donated his time and sanded the floor, Jim Crandall and Matt Clark for many contributions to this project –  removing rugs and furniture, painting the sitting room, and moving the bookshelves in the circulation room. Diane Lynch for assisting Jane in choosing, moving and featuring items from the museum in the Roosevelt Room. We’re very grateful to Kathy and Lois for their extra efforts, patience, and working on their days off.  Eve has heard from other town employees how impressed they were with the efforts made by the staff and the trustees alike. There is still work to be done: lighting in the hallway and the Edsel cabinet needs to be brighter, increasing access to the backroom was discussed, furniture and rugs need to be purchased or donated. Celeste donated an oriental rug, but it doesn’t match the chair that Jane donated. People have different preferences, but all agreed it was a fun problem to have. Both Jane and Celeste shared details about adult and children’s furniture. Susan offered the librarians a choice of two different rugs for the children’s area. The board unanimously approved buying two more bean bag chairs to replace the old ones currently in use. Diane will research this item and make the purchase on behalf of the library.

The Board is concerned that that the annual campaign letter has not gone out yet and they would like to see that it goes out as soon as possible. We have been told that it should be ready next week.

The summer hours suggested by the staff were appreciated and accepted with one minor change; Diane pointed out that if a person worked until 6:00, they would never get to visit the library. * The following summer schedule was unanimously voted by the Board:                                

MONDAY   10 – 4

TUESDAY    12- 6


*THURSDAY 1-7                           




It was with regret that the Board realized that it is not realistic to sponsor the Library Fair this year. Only 4 out of 7 of the trustees will be available on the day of the event and 3 out of 7 who can spend time preparing before the event.  However, the Board is eager to connect with our patrons and would like to have a conversation with staff about an Open House which brings people to the library to meet the staff and board, see the changes, and buy or take books. Celeste also suggested having a library table selling accessories at the Cultural Council Tag Sale on Memorial Day to generate more revenue. Susan will notify the Town Clerk and ask her to take this event off the calendar and contact and thank the vendors who have already registered.

The Trustees voted unanimously to give each staff member a 5% raise beginning July 1st. The Trustees recognize that it is important to pay for the extra hours added to the summer schedule and is grateful for the dedicated work of the staff and all the positive attributes that they bring to the library. However, at this time, Trustees were unanimous in their refusal approve funding to provide for paid, personal, sick, or vacation days for part – time employees.  Staff members are paid by the library not the town.


New Business

A reception was planned for Peter Cameron’s talk Thursday, April 19th. Jane is baking and Susan providing drinks and paper goods. Susan will put up flyers for Tom Ragusa’s presentation on May 10th at the Mason Library.

Celeste presented the board with job descriptions for Library Director and Librarian’s Assistant. Minor changes were made, and the descriptions were accepted for content. The individual items for each job description need to be put in order so that they can be finalized and made public.

Tom Ragusa is presenting on May 10th, the night of our regularly scheduled meeting. It was agreed to meet an hour before the presentation.

Celeste suggested we revisit the goals and choose our next priority at our next meeting.

Thee meeting was adjourned at 9:00.

Respectfully Submitted,

Susan Ebitz, Recording Secretary