Otis Library Meeting Minutes 01/14/2021

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Otis Library & Museum Meeting*

Thursday, January 14, 2021

5:00 PM


* Meeting was conducted in accordance with the Massachusetts Open Meeting Law

**The Otis Library Board did not meet in December

Members present – James Adams, Kathy Bort, Sue Brofman, Diane Dyer, Lois Hall, Gloria Mamokhin, Patty Strauch, and Susan Ebitz

Diane Dyer called the meeting to order at 5:03 PM.

The November meeting, and Interim Minutes tabled.


Treasurer’s reports: Approved unanimously


Director’s Report:       Unanimously approved.


Unfinished Business:

  • The air filtration system is installed and working well. Lois reported that she and her grandson did the “install.”
  • Technology at the library required sharing much information and discussion. Susan B. explained that the Board had a received two bills from John Charrow for work completed between July – September and September to December. Each bill was higher than $500 dollars, requiring the board to vote on payment. Questions were asked as to why the library required these technical services from John Charrow (NOVA Company) when the town was supposed to be providing those services through John Shannon’s company. A lengthy discussion followed with Diane, Susan B., Kathy and Lois providing details concerning conversations with Larry Gould to complete the work so that the library is on the town’s system completely and vote to approve of the money to pay John Charrow. After Kathy explained in detail the work completed by NOVA, the board voted to pay the bill from July to September. Board members would like more detailed information about what the specific charges are before paying the bill. Kathy reported the Wi-Fi was currently not available to patrons. John S. and Larry G. will remove the two computers in the library that are currently acting as servers, set-up cabinet and complete other work promised.  Several members of the board thanked Kathy and Lois for their flexibility and help as this transition ensues and initiated that they still be compensated for their hours when they couldn’t work at the library. The board also expressed appreciation for everything that John Charrow has done for the library.
  • A motion was made by Susan E. and seconded by Susan B. that with the exception of emergencies, the assets held by the Library be dedicated to “bricks and mortar” library initiatives to enhance the current building, or any future home of the Otis Library. The motion passed unanimously.
  • Gloria and Susan E. reported that they along with Kathy have taken the Webinar required for the Diversity Otis Grant. There is another webinar scheduled for March.
  • Jim reported his research into In Our Back Yard (IOBY) an on-line fundraiser and suggested that request funds for the air-filtration system. Pictures could be used. A figure of $5000 (3% of funds go to the online management) was suggested as well as initiating this appeal during the summer. Jim would like to bring this item up during the May agenda.
  • The annual appeal letter will be sent in October this year. Patty suggested that this gives our members time and choice regarding their financial support of the library.


New Business:

  • Sue B. reported that the budget subcommittee had met and complied with the town requests. A motion was made by Susan E. and seconded by Gloria for the library to submit the budget recommended by the budget subcommittee. The motion passed unanimously.
  • Kathy reported that payroll salaries have been adjusted since January 1 to reflect minimum wage going from $12.75 to $13.50.


The motion to adjourn the regular meeting was made by Sue B. and seconded by Donna at 6:15 PM.


Respectfully Submitted,

Susan Ebitz, Recording Secretary