Otis Library Board Meeting 09/13/2018

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Otis Library Board Meeting – September Minutes

Thursday, September 13, 2018, Full Board – 6:30


The meeting was called to order by Diane Dyer, Chair at 6:32 PM. Members present included: James Adams, Kathy Bort, Diane Dyer Susan Ebitz, Jane Feldman, Lois Hall, Eve Kummel and Celeste Watman. Walter Engels was absent.

The July and August minutes were accepted after being amended.

Treasurers report: July accepted report was available, September’s report was tabled until October meeting

Director’s Report:

ATTENDANCE: Decreasing by about ¼ we estimate it will decrease by ½ after 10/ 9 Columbus Day


Gone down proportionately

DVD’s and Audiobooks still popular

PROGRAMS: Summer recap

# of Children’s programs 8

# of Special Presentations

# Technology programs 11

# Trivia Contests 7

FALL:     Boy Scouts met September 12

Girl Scouts will meet September 19

Computer Workshop has been rescheduled for September 20 – Cloud Management

Art Reception FRRS students – September 18

Art Exhibit October Katie Flynn from the Riverbrook Residence

Halloween Trick or Treat   October 26   5-7,


ARIS Reporting: Holdings

Books                                                6940

Periodicals                                        340

Audio                                                 454

Video                                              2462

Subscriptions                                    66

Misc.                                                   48

TOTAL In house                                                                                         10,310

E-books                                            75,762

Downloadable Audio                      15531


Downloadable Video                         1236

HOLDINGS TOTAL                                                                                      102,839

CIRCULATION                                              ON SITE                               17,437

ILL                            IN             2,666

OUT         2,585

TOTAL         22688

ATTENDANCE                                                                                               8435



MAR Municipal Appropriation Requirement                         63,624

TAMI Total Appropriated Municipal Income                        63,664


Materials Expenditure                                                                     18,350

Technology for Direct Patron Use                                                      3,297


The library is 100% compliance because the library is open to all residents, there is no charge for normal Library Services, kept open a minimum number of hours per week (10) with some evening hours for a total of no less than 22 hours a week, Director Kathleen Bort –  college graduate with Library Certificate # S4900, the library lends books and other materials to other libraries, nonresident circulation is reported, and professional development and certification of staff.

WINTER GOALS: Weeding the collection due to space and organizing File Management and Archives

Old Business –

  • Election of officers was tabled until more trustees can be in attendance.
  • Celeste, Eve, and Jane shared that the accessory sale earned $523 at the Cultural Council Labor Day sale for nearly $1000 in revenue
  • Art Hanging – Lois spoke to Jimmy Crandall and the work can be completed soon. Jane and Lois will order it. The price is expected to be $685.

New Business

  • Celeste shared and distributed The Otis Library & Museum Policies in a notebook to all members, she will make further additions by November
  • There was discussion concerning moving items to other areas of the library for safety and aesthetics. These items include bins and a filing cabinet. Kathy explained the library needs.
  • The Otis Library & Museum Five Year Plan was reexamined. Celeste offered to work on the website and a subcommittee was formed consisting of Celeste, Jim, and Bill. (Celeste’s husband)
  • Jim asked about digitalizing the collection of artifacts in the museum and offered to evaluate the items worth preserving in this way in response to Kathy’s suggestion. Susan suggested that Diane Lynch also be consulted, and Jane offered to work with James on this project.
  • Kathy suggested that there was money through MBLC for construction loans. Eve thanked everyone for their efforts.
  • Celeste presented an article from the newspaper detailing the profits that the Lenox Library made from its recent book sale and suggested the library consider doing one. Susan made a motion, which was seconded by Jane to table until further study is possible.

A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting. Meeting Adjourned at 8:13 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Susan Ebitz, Recording Secretary

Next Meeting: October 11, 2018, 6:30

Future Meetings:

November 8, 2018, December 13, 2018, January 10, 2019, February 14, 2019, March 14, 2019, April 11, 2019, May 9, 2019, June 13, 2019