Otis Food Pantry Information

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The Otis Food Pantry is becoming a reality for anyone in need in the town and nearby communities. There has been a group of quiet volunteers working here in Otis to acquire and distribute food to anyone who is food insecure. These folks have made sure that food gets to where it needs to be for so many and have been tireless in their work. The next logical step is establishing a food pantry so that many hands may lighten the work for all. Word is spreading quickly via email, a new Facebook page, (look for Otis Food Pantry on FB and like and follow us), as well as good old fashioned word of mouth.

As of the writing of this article, we have agreed to open the Pantry on Wednesdays beginning September 30th from 10 to noon and later from 5 to 7. People can contact us via the facebook page or email at otisfoodpantry@gmail.com. We are currently working to compile a list of staples and to seek donations. The list can also serve as a guide to offer to people who would like to make use of the pantry. We will put the list of items on the page as soon as it becomes available.

Contactless pick up will be available. We will be assembling orders and will be happy to place them into cars or on a table outside for pick up.  We will also put a list on the FB page if people would like to know what to donate.

We are all new to this so we will make adjustments and evolve as needs arise. If you would like to contact the pantry for any reason you may use otisfoodpantry@gmail.com .  We will respond as quickly as we can.

We are living in extraordinary times right now. Health, employment and isolation have taken their toll on all of us. We hope that people will reach out if they need anything at all. We are all neighbors here.

What to donate to a food pantry

Peanut butter

(jelly, marshmallow)

Canned or Dried Soup







Dried Beans



Baby Formula

Baby Food

Personal products



Laundry Detergent

Feminine Hygiene Products


Paper Towels

Toilet Paper

Pet Food

Dry or canned

Baking supplies



Baking Soda/Powder

Dry Yeast





Milk, cheese, yogurt, butter, eggs

Fresh fruits or vegetables

What NOT to donate

              Please do not donate, Expired food


Perishables only the night before or hour before opening.