ONLINE CLASSES (January & February 2021)

Please check the event calendar for cancelled dates by clicking here


MONDAYS–9:00AM CARDIO BLAST, cancelled 1/18 & 2/15

w/Heather Bilotta/AGES 16+

Exercise can be fun! Join this low impact, high results, workout where every fitness level is honored. You will be encouraged to listen to your body and respect your fitness level as you increase stamina, energy, and strength.



w/Viktoria Seavey

Jumpstart your day with clear intention, centered inspiration, and positive imagination. Together, we create a space to breathe so that we can be our best in these trying times. Join her for motivation and empowerment!



w/Connie Wilson/AGES 12+

Receive all the benefits of yoga without getting down on the floor!  Build strength, enhance flexibility, range of motion, sit tall with ease, be more comfortable in your body than you ever thought possible!


FRIDAYS–9:30AM DANCE YOUR JOY–2/5/21-3/26/21

w/Laura Lin/AGES 16+

Gently we warm up the body and move to a variety of music in a combination of guided movements and free-form explorations.  This class focuses on finding the mobility in our joints and exploring what each of our bodies are capable of.   Designed for every body and every experience level, this class embraces movement that guides us toward joy and avoids any movement that causes pain.


Sponsored by:
Otis Recreation Commission
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