Library September News

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OTIS LIBRAY & MUSEUM                                                                                  SEPTEMBER ARTICLE


When I was in high school, I remember taking algebra and reducing factors to the lowest common denominator. In college I remember taking statistics, learning that percentages, and occurrences were the basis of significant findings. As a scientist running experiments, I learned the importance of repeated reactions and accumulating.  All these math practices are part of life every day.

As we have travel through these trying times there have been numbers all around.  Each number represents a person a piece of data.  I am a number in the Census, I am a number in the Covid Statistics, and I am a number in the election projections.  Do we want to be counted?  I have decided to put all these numbers aside and determine what is important in other ways.

It is important that everyone does the Census.  The census is done every 10 years.   The Census reveals how many people are here, how these people are dispersed throughout the county, state, and country.  This information is used calculate aid and assistance to different parts of the country.  You count in the Census.  Your number helps others. How do we make sure our community gets all it deserves? Please complete and submit the census.  If you need help or assistance, please let us know.  Call us at 413-269-0109.

Pandemic COVID19 requires we collect numbers, information on how many occurrences, how many recoveries, how many deaths.  Percentages are calculated from these figures and decisions regarding isolations, masks, opening and closing of institutions, and how to structure school learning for our children are made.  Also, there are numbers and procedures needed when developing vaccines.  Effective vaccines make sure there is successful repeatability, and capabilities to mass produce vaccines. How do we make sure all are safe from Covid 19; Wear masks, social distancing, wash hands and sanitize areas, cut the group size, limit mobility.

The election adds another dimension of numbers. The controversy of how to make sure all citizens are afforded the right to vote, regardless of their health, their capabilities to go to the polls.  Votes must be counted.  Mail in voting allows all persons the basic right to vote and be counted.  How do we make sure mail in voting is protected? Register to vote, sign up to mail in vote, help and encourage others to vote. For more information please call 413-269-0109.

In essence

The library will remain at the current level of services until the next Board Meeting September 10,2020

Curbside will continue to be offered through October 15, 2020

We cautiously plan to open the library mid – September

We will design a way to have a limited number of patrons enter the library for a limited amount of time.

This would allow one or two persons to browse, two persons to use our computers, and two persons to use their devices, two staff members.  Time limits and appointments will be established.

All patrons coming into the library must wear masks.

All materials touched will be cleaned and processed by the staff and quarantined 72 hours.

If you are interested call 413-269-0109 or email



Craigslist confessional: a collection of secrets from anonymous strangers      Helena Dea Bala

The Silent Wife: a novel   Karin Slaughter

Midnight Sun    Stephanie Meyer

The Midwife Murders James Patterson

Too Much and Never Enough   How my family created the world’s most Dangerous Man   Mary L Trump

A Private Cathedral       James Lee Burke

The Room where it happened: a White House memoir     John R. Bolton   Audiobook

The Order: a novel    Daniel Silva

How to be an Antiracist Ibram X   Kendi

White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism     Robin J DiAngelo

The Field Guide to the North American Teenager   Ben Philippe

The Cannabis Encyclopedia:  The Definitive Guide of Cultivation and Consumption of Medical Marijuana

Jorge Cervantes

NCIS The Seventeenth season     DVD