Library Meeting Minutes 09/12/2019

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Otis Library Museum Meeting

Thursday, September 12, 2019

7:00 PM – at the library


Members present -Celeste, Diane, James, Jane, Kathy, Lois, Sue B., Susan E.

Guest: Donna Rich

Chair Diane Dyer called the meeting to order at 7:09.


Donna Rich was introduced, and she expressed and interest in becoming a member of the Board. The August Minutes were approved with Celeste making the motion seconded by Susan B.  Susan B. gave the Treasurer’s Report which was approved with Susan E. making a motion that was seconded by Celeste.


Director’s Report: submitted by Kathleen Bort

  • Attendance circulation is decreasing with an average of 25 – 30 people a day
  • Circulation includes bestsellers, DVD’s, and Audiobooks
  • Museum passes are still very popular
  • Delivery includes 50% patron requests, 50% of our materials are being borrowed

Special Programs

  • LEGO Club Starts September 14, 2019 We will use money remaining from children’s programs to add LEGO’s to the collection
  • Art Exhibit by Evelyn Garvey who will exhibit her photography from 10/3 thru 11/7, with a reception on October 5th.
  • Book Giveaway during the months of October & November
  • Halloween – During Trick or treat on November 1, Kerry will distribute Friendly’s children coupon & free books.


Aris Report   Annual Report Information Survey of 2019 DATA


Average of total hours per week         54, 70 hours Summer, and   60 hours winter

  • Holdings                                          92,525         9343 print on site        83,116 electronic
  • Circulation          15,897        13,825 onsite          2071 electronic
  • ILL received 4796         2239 received         2557 provided
  • Computer use 1456

Financial Report

  • Municipal Income $63,664
  • Non-Appropriated Income $18,884
  • Personnel $46,152                     $ 31,982 salaries
  •                                                               $14,170 benefits
  • Materials Expenditure $21,612 – $16, 262 library   $5,350 technology
  • Other Expenditures $37,09      $22,795 library   $14,300 town
  • TOTAL                               $104,859          $90,559library      $ 14,300town
  • Municipal Appropriation Requirement $65,100   FY 2020
  • Open to all residents
  • No Charge for Normal Library Services
  • Open A minimum of hours – 22 hrs. per week: open 4 days: 3 hrs. after 5:00
  • Employ Trained Personnel -Kathleen Bort, Certificate of Librarianship, S4900
  • Expend a Reasonable Portion of the Library’s Budget on Library Materials – $21612


  • All our computers are recent (2yrs. old or newer) We only agreed to accept two computers with the automatic “shut off” technology. We cannot accept many old computers because our space is limited, and we want to offer our patrons the best options possible.


Book Donations –

  • We would like to stop accepting book donations October 31 and open book donations period in the spring. Susan E. made a motion that was seconded by Susan B. or the library to stop accepting book donations after October 31st. The motion was passed unanimously.

Paid Family Leave-

  • Legislation in effect ,Notify covered individuals by September 30 ,Withholding starts October 1, Apply for an exemption by Dec. 20 Remit contributions by Jan31, 2020.


Jane made a motion that was seconded by Celeste to accept the Director’s Report as written. The motion passed unanimously.


Unfinished Business:


  • FY 2020 BudgetA subcommittee was formed to examine the discrepancy in funds between what the town appropriates for the library and the expenses the library actually incurs. Members of this subcommittee include Celeste, Sue Brofman, and Susan Ebitz.
  • Sue B. reported on her conversation with Jerimiah, Town Attorney and Rebecca Stone, Town Administrator concerning paragraph # 10 of Agreement between Town of Otis and Otis Library & Museum. Rebecca suggested that the elected board members renew the agreement with the town every three years. Sue B. suggested signing a yearly agreement might best suit the library’s needs. Susan E. made a motion that was seconded by Celeste, that the elected members of the Library Board would continue to review and sign the agreement with the Town of Otis on a yearly basis. The motion was passed by a unanimous vote. The elected trustees Diane, Jim, and Sue B. will sign the agreement between the Town of Otis and the Otis Library & Museum, Inc.


New Business                                                                                                      

  • Technology Update – Kathy reported that she received a call from Larry Gould, Chair of the Technology Committee concerning the installation of 30 computers at the Otis Library that had previously been installed at The Mason Library in Gt. Barrington. Kathy called the director Amanda and was told that these “all in one” computers had been originally purchased in 2011. Kathy reminded the Board that the Otis Library’s experience with these computers had been disastrous, when one part didn’t work, the rest of the computer didn’t work as well. Currently, the computers at the Otis Library have Windows 10, with Microsoft Office 2019 loaded on them. Would the Mason Computers be compatible with current computers at the Library? The members of the Board unanimously agreed that the agreement voted by the Board with the Town of Otis this spring did not include Larry’s recent proposals. The Board asked Kathy to provide more data and agreed to table and discuss this matter further at the October meeting. In the meantime, all members were in agreement that installing old computers from Mason Library was unacceptable.
  • Employee benefits will be looked into by the newly formed subcommittee.
  • Susan E. reported that the Town Building Subcommittee is moving forward in considering how to best share and solicit support for a new building to house the Highway Department equipment which it currently owns. The Highway Department storage situation is inadequate.
  • Donna Rich is willing to become the seventh member of the Otis Library Board and will be approved at the October Meeting.
  • Lois verified and collected phone numbers and email addresses to update the contact list.


The motion to adjourn was made by Susan E. and seconded by Susan B. at 9:05 PM.


Respectfully Submitted,

Susan Ebitz, Recording Secretary



Next Meeting: October 10, 2019

Future Meetings: Please don’t schedule speakers on our regularly meeting nights

November 14, 2019

December 12, 2019