Library Meeting Minutes 08/13/2020

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Otis Library Museum Meeting – Minutes

Thursday, August 13, 6:00 PM

Location: Behind Town Hall, Rain Date: Gym in Town Hall


Members present -Celeste Watman, Diane Dyer, Donna Rich, Kathy Bort, Lois Hall, Sue Brofman, Jim Adams (called -in), and Susan Ebitz

Guest: Gloria Mamokhin

Chair Diane Dyer called the meeting to order at 6:13.

The July Minutes were amended and approved unanimously.


Treasurer’s reports: Susan B. following up with Brandi concerning reimbursements.


Director’s Report:                                                                                          

Curbside Program is working well

Director’s RECOMMENDATION: Continue PHASE II, Step One, thru September 30, 2020


Phase Three (Step 1) Started (in MA) July 6,2020

Opening of Circulation

Concern: no seating or loitering, one-way traffic, need second door, social distancing defined as 8 persons per 1,000 square feet (including personnel) library capability approximately 1500 square ft circulation area accommodating 10 persons.

Computer Use. only library equipment, need covers, & Protection, space limitations, time limitations

Indoor Services   need to evaluate what services would be possible at this time with the regulations set by the CDC


Diane recommended that the board take the Director’s recommendation and revisit the opening in September. Sue B. made a motion that was seconded by Donna to accept this recommendation. It was unanimously approved.


Unfinished Business:

  • The “Duck Race” race committee proposes to revisit the Columbus Day weekend race pending the water levels at the Farmington River. to get higher. Jim continues to look into alternative fundraising and will report back in August.
  • Susan B. shared that two other organizations had reported they were getting many donations in their annual appeal letters. A motion was made to authorize and revise the annual appeal letter with Sue B. making the motion, seconded by Sue E. and unanimously passed by the board.

New Business:

  • Gloria was introduced and welcomed to the meeting by Diane and asked if she’d like to take the seat on the board formerly occupied By Jane Feldman. She accepted.
  • Celeste made a motion, seconded by Jim that specific language was needed in the agreement between the town and the library regarding $4000 for instructional tech support offered by Jon Charrow. The Board unanimously approved.
  • Susan made a motion seconded by Jim to move back the library meeting time from 6:00 to 5:15. It was unanimously approved.
  • A second Storywalk on the Farmington River Trail is planned to use the book I Am Human, by Peter Reynolds. Guest reader will be Anina Carr, Donna will lead the group in a meditative reflection and Susan will provide music. The “Live” Event will take place on Saturday, September 5th.
  • Kathy requested the final hourly rate of all Library Staff so that data could be included in the Aris Report.
  • The group discussed guidelines for remote vs. “in-person” work.
  • Celeste and Diane reviewed protocols for library expenditures. Bills totaling over $500 need approval by the board.

The motion to adjourn the regular meeting was made by Sue and seconded by Celeste at 7:00 PM.


Respectfully Submitted,

Susan Ebitz, Recording Secretary


Next Meeting: Sept. 10, 2020

Future Meetings: October 8th, 2020