Library Meeting Minutes 06/14/2018

Otis Library Board Meeting –

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Full Board – 6:30

Members present: Kathy Bort, Lois Hall, Diane Dyer, Celeste Watman, Jane Feldman, Eve Kummel and Jim Adams (delayed but present)

Absent: Walter Engels and Susan Ebitz

The meeting was called to order by Diane Dyer at 6:30pm.

Diane requested that the May minutes be acceptable as read as there were no issues with the contents with a motion from Jane and seconded from Celeste. All in favor, passed.

Letter to Otis Library – read by Diane regarding grants awarded to Otis, $1119.93

Discussion ensued regarding the need to have a public record for Library minutes available for public viewing, It was determined that Susan (as recording secretary) should keep a book/binder with all the minutes since Wendy Scott left 2 ½ years ago. All agreed that Susan should have them available if needed.

Treasurers report – TBD Walter was N/A

Director’s Report

  • Highlights: Donation total: $11,024.00 to date from the pitch letter that was sent in early May.
  • Passes – The Mount – still have not heard back. Pass expired last may and new one has not come yet.
  • Lighting: Titus regarding the hallway- Jane: in favor of updating but $400.+ for the lighting in the cabinet with installation doesn’t feel right. Jane suggests we put it on hold. All agreed.

Passed: to spend 1206.65 for the lighting in the three rooms. Ask about the tax.

Second one is on hold, per Jane’s request.

3rd one – already approved at a previous meeting.

4th – town’s responsibility for these funds.

  • New table – The big cabinet in the hall is moving to the Librarians area and the smaller table will hold the xerox printer and the rest will be moved around when the town is ready.
  • Artists – Barry Zaret – size of his paintings will keep him from exhibiting. Sarah Markel – at Becket instead.
  • Vacation – Kathy will not be here from the 21st to the 30th of June. Lois will be here and Kathy Crowe will help if needed.
  • Hanging system – to be ordered in July. (voted on but not put up until winter.)
  • Shed – Diane commented on the idea of having a shed. The building inspector, Larry Gould talked again about a possible move in Diane’s lifetime. He and Jimmy Crandall will come up with storage ideas; ideas for organizing, etc. Lois cleaned out the supply closet and that’s what the four boxes are that are currently located in the hallway between the young adult stacks. They will be relocated under the rafters.
  • Kathy says it would be helpful to have something on the floor in the basement because of the dampness. Brown tables are to go downstairs with the chairs. We need to get the garbage cans off the back porch. Lois and Kathy have gone though the closets with kids’ stuff and Lois and Kathy will work on the closet off the kitchen that they share with maintenance. Diane offered to do work and Jane had gone through the back room.
  • Kathy has emphasized the book sale room in the article of the newspaper, monitors, keyboards and other equipment for sale out back. Jane’s idea for sale in the front but Kathy wants to wait until the article comes out.

Receptions for upcoming talks and programs – artists do their own. Teens get pizza. July 31st. need refreshments for William Stone presentation and for August 4, the campfire. St Mary’s church reception area may be used if needed for larger audiences.

Accounting question: What is Patty Strauck’s role?  Kathy stated that Patty will go through paperwork and does all the financial reporting for the gov’t. She is a consultant for non-profits and a bookkeeper. She does what Smith Watson used to do and she reconciles accounts for much less than we used to pay SW, which does the final taxes. Smith Watson prepares the federal form 990.

New Business

  • Discussion of open meeting law. Celeste – previous discussions about remote access. In order to implement that, we will need a motion to agree. Also, section 21 is two pages: under what conditions can you have executive sessions and what can be discussed. Celeste will always try to bring the Open Meeting Law Guide and members are expected to read it. Concludes: if board agrees make a motion to invoke remote participation. Unanimous consent.
  • Diane – accessory sale to benefit the Library. Details discussed.
  • Introduction of James Adams – Steve Graves called and recruited him for the ballot. Second generation Otis residents. Rented on Big Pond and they bought in 1984. Full time. Originally from Westfield. Edits the Museum of the American Indian Magazine.

Old Business – (misplaced in conversation, typed in chronological order)

  • Celeste – newly typed job descriptions. Passed around, with edits. Celeste will check on the requirements and verify before any vote to approve.

Meeting Adjourned at 7:52. Jane and Eve motioned, all agreed.