Library Meeting Minutes 05/24/2018

Otis Library Meeting
Thursday, May 24, 2018
Full Board – 6:30

Members present included: Kathy Bort, Diane Dyer, Susan Ebitz, Walter Engels, Jane Feldman, Lois Hall, Eve Kummel and Celeste Watman

Meeting was called to order by Diane Dyer, chair at 6:40.

James Adams was recently elected to the board as a trustee. Susan will contact him about future meetings.


The April minutes were amended and approved as read. The April Treasurer’s Report was approved. In addition, Walter reported that donations made in response to the annual campaign letter were good.

Kathy submitted the following in her Director’s Report

  • Attendance is up
  • Summer hours will start Monday with Kathy and Lois, Kerry will join when the school year is over
  • The staff will be involved in many trainings involving Interlibrary Loans and ARIS
  • CWMARS will be offline May 26 – May 28th.
  • The ordering is complete for this year
  • Trustees were asked to help clean out the back porch
  • The summer reading program will include Trivia contests and an internship program that reaches out to middle and high school students for help and support of these programs. Susan will coordinate specific story hour offerings with Kerry to correlate with the programming for the older children.
  • Schedule of performances, computer workshops and presentations was given (Individual fliers distributed, and an article submitted in June describing programs.)

Old Business:

  • Diane clarified Trustees role in the library, referred everyone to the handbook and delivered the expectation that everyone was here to serve the patrons of the library and the best way to do that was to be positive.
  • Jane reported that both the Peter Cameron and Tom Ragusa presentations were very successful. Tom’s presentation drew more than 40 people. There was not enough room for all who wanted to attend. Using space at the Catholic Church is being explored.
  • Celeste shared Eve’s proposed language change in the Personnel Policy. Susan suggested a change in order and the policy was accepted. (See attached)
  • Jane shared product information on a hanging system, the physical realities of the library were explored including the availability of the town maintenance crew to complete the work. A motion was made and accepted to purchase hanging materials from Gallery One.
  • Five-year plan goals included Kathy calling to check with Logson Electric concerning the lighting in the hallway, and pursuing the cost of a new picnic table, and chairs for the outside. Space is an ongoing problem. The subject of whether to purchase a shed was discussed.

New Business

  • At the trustees’ request, Kathy the protocols for securing a speaker, program, or artistic display. Kathy can be reached in person, on the phone or by email by the presenter or someone who is setting the event up. The date, setup and take down times as well as the reception must be cleared with her. An insurance release must also be signed.
  • Eve, Celeste, and Jane will meet to discuss an accessory sale to benefit the library.
  • The summer reception to showcase the library and appreciate our patrons was put on hold pending the lighting situation being fixed and the hanging system put in place.
  • Susan suggested that the board should consider the staff request for personal leave time.
  • The meeting was adjourned at 8:50. Next Meeting: Thursday, June 14, at 6:30

    Respectfully Submitted,

Susan Ebitz, Recording Secretary