Library Meeting Minutes 03/09/2017

Minutes for Otis Library Museum

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Five Year Subcommittee 5:30

Full Board 6:30

Members Present: Susan Ebitz, Walter Engels, Steve Graves, Eve Kummel, Celeste Watman

Meeting was called to order at 6:35


  1. Approval of February Minutes – as amended
  2. Approval January/ February treasurer’s reports
  • Presented by Walter Engels and approved by the board
  1. Director’s Report:


➢ Vendor letter – requests were mailed out last week and we have already received three requests for vendor sites


➢ PJ Drive – So far 45 pairs of pajamas have been collected. We’re hoping to collect 60 pairs by March 15, 2017, Kathy will call for someone to pick up

  • Books and CD’s that were ordered are coming in
  • Gail Heath’s art exhibit is being enjoyed by patrons, she’s sold three items
  1. Treasurer’s Report
  • Walter presented his report and it was accepted by the board


  1. New Business
  • Annual appeal letter –Celeste presented the board with suggestions, discussion ensued and she will draft another letter based on those changes


Five Year Subcommittee report:

  • Celeste, Eve, and Susan attended a strategic planning meeting in Stockbridge
  • Celeste went back to the Master Plan for the Town of Otis to gather materials for the strategic plan vision statement and will create a rough draft
  • Eve will draft charts, Susan will create them for presentation


Other – S.O.A.R. Exercise Chart was distributed to members of the library staff and board. Members are requested to complete these by April 1, 2017 and place them in Eve’s folder at the library.

Meeting adjourned: 7:50


Next meeting: Thursday, April 11, 2017

Five Year Subcommittee: 5:30

Full Board: 6:30