Library Meeting Agenda 06/10/2021


Otis Library & Museum Meeting

Thursday, June 10, 2021

5:00 PM


  1. Approval of May Minutes
  2. Approval May Treasurer’s Reports,

Director’s Report

  1. Unfinished/Ongoing Business
  • Fair – September 25th (rain date, September26th) 10:00 to 3:00 (Kathy, Lois)
  • LTC “Diversity Otis”, Grant Update, StoryWalk, “Pop-in” Poetry (Donna)
  • MBLC Small Libraries Pilot Project (Diane, Sue B. & Kathy)
  1. New Business
  • Future Zoom Meetings – Email from Lyn, OBrien, Town Clerk

“The state of emergency is ending on June 15th which is tied to zoom meetings.  Below is a message pertaining to the Open Meeting Law from the Division of Open Government.

  • What this means is a quorum will need to be physically present at your meetings after June 15th.  Other members beyond the quorum can participate remotely.   The Selectboard is going to discuss the possibility of offering zoom for public participation after June 15th.  As you can tell from the Division of Open Government things are still unknown.  I will let you know when I have any additional information.
    For meetings after June 15 please schedule your town hall room bookings through me.  Plan on in person board meetings and having a quorum present until we hear otherwise from the Open Meeting Law. Thank you “Lyn Obrien, Town Clerk


  • Library Meeting time for FY2022 calendar
  • Library Items: (Kathy & Lois)

Personnel schedule

fine fees

Children’s Summer Reading

website development



  • Exhibit by Gail Gelburd of Collages from the seven continents, co-sponsor with Diverse Otis? (Celeste)


  • Other


Next Meeting: July 8, 2021, Time and place TBA


Future Meetings: To be discussed and determined