Library and Museum Meeting Minutes 08/11/2016

Minutes- Otis Library and Museum, Inc.

August 11, 2016

The Roosevelt Room- 6:30Chair Person: Diane Dyer

Members present included: Kathy Bort, Diane Dyer, Susan Ebitz, Walter Engels, Jane Feldman, Steve Graves, Lois Hall, Eve Kummel, Kay Rice

  • Meeting called to order at 6:30, Minutes from July 14, 2016 were approved
  • Director’s Report: Kathy Bort
  • FAIR THANK YOU  NOTES  sent to the vendors ; others will go out next week….
  • READY, SET, GO!!!
  • Our children summer readers have completed their program, there were 15 registrations, and 13 participants; 5 home participants, and 8 attending.  Their end celebration was hosted by Karen and Susan Oygard at their farm where a llama and two alpaca’s congratulated them on a job well done!!
  • ANTIQUE MECHANICAL BANKS – 32 attendees and it was well received.  
  •  SUSAN RACINE RECEPTION was well attended. Both Susan and Faith Weldon gave the library a donation.  
  • COMPUTER HELP SESSIONS! There will be two open computer help sessions at Otis Library. ~On Saturday August 13th from 9:00 to 1:00, there will be computer savvy professionals on hand to help you figure things out. ~Another session will be held Tuesday, August 23 from 1:00 to 5:00 pm.  
  • The Youth Art Leadership Symposium has been cancelled.  Only 2 students were interested.  Laura is hoping the fall may be a better time.   
  • MUSEUM ARMS INSPECTION   – The There are two cannon balls and several guns and rifles upstairs in the museum.   None of these items have any license, permit, or safety documentation.  Also they are not securely locked.  I would like to ask for a legal police inspection of these articles, and have the proper documents on file.  ~
  • WELCOME PACKETS – will be sent to Lyn Minery: library card applications, bookmarks with contact information and hours, CWMARS, COMCAT< and EBooks bookmarks, museum Passes Lists. .Please let me know if you think of anything else.
  • CLOSING PREPARATIONS:  All books, passes and movies will go out until Saturday.  All returns will be under amnesty so no fines will be accrued.  CWMARS has been informed and the dates are closed system wide for our materials and our patrons.  OPTIMUM has been informed and Wednesday’s delivery will be held till Friday.  Marc in Monterey has agreed to be the CWMARS back up during these days.  I have asked Roberta to issue a ROBO reminder. The fire Station and Town hall are available for internet access.  
  • Kathy will be having shoulder replacement surgery on September 26 and will be out approximately 3 weeks.  She is confident that the staff will be able to cover the time.
  • LEGO COMPETITION is going on weekly until the end of August.  Each week children are challenged to build a Lego item according to a specific theme.  The models are judged and prizes are given.  Last week’s winner was Lizzie McDonald for building something that flies.  This week the competition is to build something of all one color.  
  • Art Exhibit – Linda Graves’s artwork is currently being displayed.  She is extremely talented.  At this time Linda has chosen not to have an art reception.  Currently we have no one scheduled for the month of September.  Kathy has contacted Mark Hungate a faculty member at Lee High school and a photographer to see if there is any interest.
  • State certification reports ……. Kathy is doing the ARIS  (Annual Report  Information Survey)  now which is due next week BUT the library is closed so she will collect all the data and then finish it at home if needed.   Then the Compliance Report and State Aid Application will open and be due October 9, 2016.  The online financial report is part of the preparation for this report.  Kathy will complete all these forms   before she goes out for surgery.
  • Treasurer’s Report: Walter Engels
  • $1745 donated to the Library Annual Appeal
  • Treasure’s report was read and accepted
  • Additional Substitute Library Help –
  • Before closing the library Kathy will check into this  
  • Alternate Members of Board
  • Proposal to look into adding an additional member
  • Computer Upgrade
  • Purchase Microsoft 10 for a onetime fee of $369, updating the software  on each computer
  • Other Business –
  • Five year plan – Diane said that she join Kathy, Eve, Jane, and Susan
  • Meeting adjourned at 7:29

Next Meeting: September 8, 2016 at 6:30