Historical Commission Meeting Minutes 09/25/2017

Otis Historical Commission minutes for September 25, 2017

Meeting called to order at 5:40 pm

Present: Sonia Morrison Kobrin, Diane Provenz, Lauretta Harris, Judi Mabee

Absent: Charles Rosenbaum

Minutes of prior meeting of August 23, 2017 and September 8, 2017 approved


1) St. Paul’s Church


Copy of the posted RFP for St. Paul’s Church from town website was read

Discussion re: engineering site visit October 4, 2017

Sonia and Dianne will submit list of architects they believe have had previous experience with this type of historical structure and will mail a copy of RFP to them

Dianne noted that the building inspector and town administrator believe that since the church has not been in use for the last 2 yrs, it must conform to current building standard codes.


Discussion regarding various forms of funding sources for municipalities and through formation of a 501C 3 Diane has reached out to a number of nonprofits for information and Judi has begun to compile a list of grants for town owned entities. Calls will be made to gather information.


Dianne will speak to Chris regarding status of title issues and possible quiet title action.


  1. Charles had asked where the items are that used to be displayed in the glass cases in Town Hall . The three large cases were purchased by the Historical commission and the items contained in it were donated by him.. Dianne noted that she has been told that Jim Crandall may have a key to the cases.
  2. All agreed we would like to find a way to thank Hank for all his hard work and service to the town.


Meeting closed 7:30