Historical Commission Meeting Minutes 09/26/2018

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Historical Commission Meeting September 26, 2018

Called to Order at 5:40 pm

Present: Diane Provence, Sonia Morrison, Lauretta Harris, Thom Garvey, Judi Mabee,

Absent: Charles Rosenblum

Guest: Tom Ragusa and Cindy Ragusa

Accept minutes of 7/18/18 and 8/6/18 meetings

Diane will ask Historical Society for list of grants and will explore fundraising opportunities

Sonia will call Paul Holtz at MA Historical.

Sonia met with Larry Gould, and Jim Crandall after the Planning Board meeting to see if we could collaborate with them for Harmony Hall funding. She will prepare a letter to see if we can meet with them or have them come to one of our meetings.

Reviewed the discussions at the Planning Board Meeting.  Some members thought it would have been beneficial to the public if we were allowed to speak to funding our commission might be able to get to preserve and continue to use this Historic Building.

The Knox trail paperwork that Tom Ragusa brought had to be tabled for our next meeting when we would have more time. Tom said he would need at least an hour to present all the information he has in order to complete the application for putting it on the National Historical Registry.  Sonia and Judi said they might be able to meet with him sooner to take a look and Sonia would try to set it up with Lyn for October 8th

New Business: Discussion of 5 year plan.

Meeting Adjourned 7:05 pm