Historical Commission Meeting Minutes 08/06/2018

Historical Commission Meeting August 6, 2018

Called to Order at 5:30 pm

Present: Diane Provence, Sonia Morrison, Charles Rosenblum, Judi Mabee

Absent: Lauretta Harris, Thom Garvey

Guest: Tom Ragusa

  1. Historic District

Decision:  to go forward with Historic District or just start with St. Paul’s Church.  We do not own St. Paul’s yet so we will need to wait on that one anyway.  Having a district will build community involvement. Sonia believes that individual properties within a district will only have restrictions if using state or federal funding to make changes to the building.  If using direct funding there would be no involvement by any governmental entity beyond local restrictions.  Bonnie Parsons (via cell call) advised that the only funds that might be in question could be Community Development funds, otherwise individual homeowners can do what they wish with their own properties without interference.  She also explained that if more than ½ of homeowners in the district were to opt out, then the application for the district would be stalled an tabled for another time. Bonnie said she will be here on the 20th for the meeting, with her PowerPoint presentation. She said there are a number of other towns that have been through this process and would try to incorporate some pictures of them as well. She told us that Becket Historical Commission worked with teachers of the 5th grade to include some local history into their lessons and that there may also be data on how districts influence property values and affect sales.


Discussion about a building in Tolland State Forest on Tolland Road – can it be save or should an expanded building be erected in its place of the same type and style. Commission has not made a decision about getting involved at this time.

Diane will call Town Administrator regarding the grant/pledge/donation income and how it will be best handled.


Meeting closed 6:54 pm





Judith Mabee