Historical Commission Meeting Minutes 07/18/2018

Historical Commission meeting July 18, 2018

Called to order at 5:30 pm

Present: Sonia Morrison, Diane Provenz, Charles Rosenblum, Judi Mabee and Lauretta Harris

Absent: Thom Garvey

Guest: Nancy Pigman

Minutes of June meeting accepted

Motion passed to table approval of May minutes till August meeting

  1. Historic District

Discussion regarding Historic District: Will we have enough buildings to make a district.  Photos of all properties being included in district will need to be submitted to the Federal Registry – including St. Paul’s Church.  This will be put on hold until we meet with Bonnie at our next meeting.

Phase one will begin on South Main St at Whitter Road and continue north through town along North Main to just past Monterey Road.   An open town meeting is being planned to educate the townspeople on why a Historic District might be beneficial to the town. Bonnie will provide a power-point presentation. Fliers will be posted in various public places and an open invitation will be published in the local paper.  An email will be sent to Jeff Pigman with hopes he might be able to attend.  Individual letters will be mailed to property owners that may be candidates for this first historic district.  Lauretta has obtained current addresses from the Assessor’s office.  Diane has purchased stamps for the mailings. Copies of application will be available at the meeting for those who are interested and there is no charge to apply.

Sonia will check with Lisa to see what dates are available for this meeting.  Motion was passed to request August 20 at 7pm as our first choice.

Since we are hoping for a reasonable turnout and will be providing refreshments, the logical room would be the cafeteria.

The Historical commission would like to acknowledge all the work that has previously been done involving the compilation of properties and historical references that has been the foundation for our work.  Diane will check with Hank Wingate to see if he can provide any names.  We would also like to reach out to Tom Ragusa and Peter Cameron in hopes that they might attend the meeting and share any insights they might have.

  1. Paul’s

Nancy Pigman advised that Atty Mike Mitchell is the new attorney for the church and the process to clear the title has begun

  1. New Business

We need to get advice on how we should set up accounts for fundraising, grants etc.  Can we start on our own, begin a new organization, or consider joining the Otis Historical Society for that purpose, and is that advisable.  Who can we speak to about joining in for that purpose?  Diane suggested we check other towns to see how they have handled this issue.  She will also reach out to the Town Administrator to see how we can collect funds and apply for funds.


Meeting adjourned 6:40 pm


Judith Mabee