Historical Commission Meeting Minutes 07/02/2019

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Historical Commission minutes for July 2, 2019

Present: Tom Ragusa, Celeste Watman, Sonia Morrison, Diane Provenz, Lauretta Harris, Judi Mabee

Guest: Stacia Caplanson – Preservation Circuit Rider Western & Central Massachusetts

Called to order at 1:14 pm

Minutes of June 24, 2019 approved.

Fundraising – Diane relayed to Stacia our need to create a timeline and fundraising for all our projects. We have 4 Buildings on our list that are municipally owned and one that we do not have title to as yet. Stacia will send us info and pamphlets on updated church re- use and MA Historical survey and planning (fall) and Preservation Plan for National Registry/Surveys (spring). CR Field Service will provide information for us to use to make connections and advise who we need to contact for each type of grant. Suggested we buy the book “Preserving Community Character” Discussion regarding type of fundraising organization that would meet our needs and cover anything we might want to preserve. Possible

Next meeting July 15, 2019 at 10am

Adjourned 2:55pm