Historical Commission Meeting Minutes 06/20/2018

June 20, 2018 Historical Commission Meeting

6:40 Meeting opened

Present: Charles Rosenblum. Diane Provenz, Thom Garvey, Judi Mabee, Lauretta Harris, Sonia Morrison

Minutes from May not printed. Will review & vote to accept next meeting. Put on agenda for July

Reviewed Friday field visit with Thom & Bonnie. Diane might join in. Thom has the file with the known inventory and he’s driving so Bonnie can take photos.

Reviewed Bonnie’s letter outlining field visit & preparing for town presentation.

Reviewed $ left in budget. $1,126 left. Diane will find out what needs to be paid before end of fiscal year. Diane made a motion to spend whatever money is needed to be confirmed by Bonnie Parsons – re: filing fees – budget, postage & stationery. Unanimous – to spend the funds as requested by Bonnie Parsons. Voted: a) to commit & invoice this fiscal year’s budgeted funds b) to transfer filing fee budget $500 to restoration fund, if possible. Both votes, unanimous yes.

Discussed status of title clearing. Understand it is in the works. Sonia said from general research can take 3 months. Judy added, with complications can take 2 years. We will contact Abdow before next meeting to see the status and hopefully get a time line.

Fund Account to park grant & donation monies. Diane wrote to Margaret for direction as to how to set up account. Voted: to have a Historical Commission Restoration Fund account. Unanimous yes

Name for the Historical Commission restoration fund & for building. Have a contest? Charles brought out that the name would be important for fund raising & transparency of the donations. All agreed.

Discussed whether we could negotiate directly with C&G or need an RFP. The $ has to be in place before an RFP could be issued. Diane will contact C&G for a ballpark estimate on the next step – Engaging an architect/engineer to prepare construction drawings, specifications & bidding documents. Also, the cost for the architect/engineer to oversee the project.

Sonia reviewed the Engineer’s report, explaining the construction work outlined. Could not locate the estimated cost breakdown, although did review the detailed letter Diane read outlining the overview of the project from C&G.

Little discussion on fund raising – mailings, pledges…

Judy presented April minutes. April minutes approved as written.

Discussed community reach-out. Decided to wait until we had more details on costs. Everything hangs on building ownership.

For July meeting agenda: discuss date for meeting with townsfolks; coordinate with Bonnie Parsons.

Next meeting 7/18/18 5:30 & next meeting 8/13/18

Adjourned 7:30