Finance Board/ Select Board Budget Meeting Minutes 04/02/2018

Town of Otis

Finance Board/Selectboard Budget Meeting

April 2, 2018


Present:           Don Hawley (late arrival), Bill Hiller, Gary Thomas, Becky Stone, Terry Gould, Michael Ernst, Walt Engels via cell phone (remote participation)


Meeting called to order at 6:07 pm and is being recorded.

Purpose:          Review Budget proposals for Fiscal Year 2019



The first order of business was to ask the Select Board if we could have a Public Hearing on the MassWorks grant for Tyringham Road on April 24th.  Bill and Gary unanimously agreed.

The second order of business was requesting permission to release Town Counsel’s letter in response to the Historical Commission’s correspondence.  Bill and Gary unanimously agreed to release the letter to the Historical Commission.


Pg 74  #22  Selectmen’s Expenses:  It was noted that we had not accounted for the EZPass expenditures so an additional line item titled Tolls was added and funded for $200.  This account is now PASSED at $3615.


There were questions as to how do we fund Berkshire Mosquito Control.  This bill gets paid automatically by the state from the state cherry sheets.


Pg 51  #15  Maintenance Expenses:  Becky confirmed with Jim that all of his figures for FY2019 were good so the account was PASSED at $41,700.


Cost of Living was the next discussion.  Both Great Barrington and Becket had set their rate at 2.5%, so Bill suggested we do the same.  Gary agreed.  Otis COLA set at 2.5%.  Don arrived shortly thereafter and noted same.


Pg 11  #44  Building Inspector Salary:  PASSED at 5%.

Pg 17  #7    Conservation Commission Salary:  New rate of $18.08 per hour, PASSED at $5152.80 (based upon 285 hours per year).

Pg 35  #66  Health WWTP Chief Operator:  PASSED at 3% for $57,958.76

Pg 41  #69  Highway Labor:  JD was increased to $20.00 per hour (5%), KP to $20.31 per hour (2.5%), and the open position was left at $20.00 per hour.  PASSED at $89,861.60.

Pg 44  #72  Highway Snow Removal Labor:  PASSED at same rates stated above.

Pg 45  #73  Highway Super Salary:  PASSED at 4% for $68,835.52.

Pg 52  #16  Maintenance Labor:  MC will see a $.50 bump on July 1 for getting his full Class 4 WW License  and then will get 3% on top of that at $19.63 per hour.  Seasonal will go to $14.00 per hour and others will get 4% for $16.64 per hour, and we will also allow for .50 per hour if the Grade 3 Waste Water test is passed.  This will put $1561.44 in Contingency.  PASSED and Becky will get the dollar total.

Pg 53  #17  Maintenance Super Salary:  PASSED at 5% for $62,947.19.

Pg 54  #18  Asst Maint Super Salary:  Skipped – needs further discussion.  This position may be re-categorized.

Pg 60  #21  Planning Board Clerk:  PASSED at 2.5% for $18.27 per hour, total of $3000.

Pg 62  #54  Police Chief Salary:  PASSED at 2.5%, $23.30 per hour, total of $12,115.09 for line, $17,115.09 for total budget.

Pg 63  #53  Police Dept. Labor:  PASSED at 2.5% across the board, PD II set at $21.28 per hour, PD I at $17.86 per hour, and CW set at $18.35 per hour.

Pg 66  #89  Recreation Salaries:  PASSED at 2.5%, PR set at $20.87 per hour for a total of $31,471, Supervisor set at $12.93 per hour for $672.36 total, and Clean/Disinfect at $14.11 per hour for total of $733.72.

Pg 75  #23  Selectmen’s Secretary:  PASSED at 4%, $21.11 per hour.

Pg 81  #27  Town Accountant Salary:  PASSED at 4% for $18,773.74.

Pg 82  #28  Town Administrator:  PASSED at $65,000.  Becky was excused from this discussion.  This figure includes a post-probation bonus and a 5% increase.

Pg 84  #30  Town Clerk Salary:  PASSED at 4%.

Pg 86  #32  Town Clerk Elections Salaries:  PASSED as presented.

Pg 89  #34  Town Collector Salary:  PASSED at 3% for $23.62 per hour.

Pg 88  #33  Town Collector Expenses:  Added Stipend line item for $1000, PASSED at $19,700.

Pg 91  #36  Town Hall Admin Assistant:  This position PASSED at 5% for $23.85 per hour up to 35 hours per week.  Discussion of a new position was introduced, but Select Board felt this needed more discussion and a new position would have to be posted.

Pg 94  #39  Town Treasurer Salary:  PASSED at 4% for $18,773.74, plus a $1000 Stipend.

Pg 101 #41 ZBA Clerical:  PASSED at 2.5% for $17.73 per hour, level funded at $3600.



Categories Skipped over and still needing approval:

Pg 47  #50  Inspectors:  The Select Board would like to bring Jack and Heather in to discuss.  Skipped – needs further discussion.

Pg 61  #52  Police Dept. ExpensesSkipped – needs further discussion.

Pg 69  #74  Sanitation InspectorSkipped – needs further discussion.



All Capital Expenses are still under discussion.

Maintenance, Larry, and Jack Conboy and Heather will be in for the April 3 meeting.


Meeting adjourned at 8:47 pm.


Respectfully Submitted,

Lisa D’Orazio

Selectmen’s Secretary

Town of Otis





List of Documents



  1. A copy of the B & H Expense Report as of April 2, 2018 will be filed with these meeting minutes.


  1. Copies of hourly salaries and stipends for FY2018 obtained from Karen will be filed with these meeting minutes.