Finance Board / Select Board Budget Meeting Minutes 03/12/2019

Town of Otis

Finance Board/Selectboard Budget Meeting

March 12, 2019


Present:           Don Hawley, Bill Hiller, Gary Thomas, Becky Stone, Terry Gould, Michael Ernst, Walt Engels via cell phone (remote participation), Lisa D’Orazio


Also Present:  Jim Crandall, Ralph Gleason, Rich Phair, Chris Bouchard


Meeting called to order at 5:33 pm and is being recorded.

Purpose:          Review Budget proposals for Fiscal Year 2020


Pg 41  #429  Maintenance:  They discussed possible hourly changes for several employees in the department – no decision made as yet.  Jim is also considering an hourly Assistant Supervisor position so Jim can concentrate on the OSHA requirements.  Jim also presented his “wish list” for Capital Expenses noting that some were probably not going to happen but should be on everyone’s radar.  The wish list includes: Paving at the WWT Plant, Paving at Town Hall, Shades for the clerestory windows at Town Hall, Heat tape for the Library roof, Garage Door Opener for the Police Garage, enclosing the Police Evidence Room, Shelter for the backhoe, Fire Alarm Upgrades, and Town Hall Access Control system.  The roof for Harmony Hall was also discussed.  SKIPPED – budget is good except for salaries.


Pg 51  #491  Cemetery:  The reduction in gravestone repair will come from the Perpetual Care account.  PASSED at $8,200.00.


Pg 55  #541  Council on Aging:  The presented budget is fine.  PASSED at $18,610.00.  Ralph also had a Capital Expense item to discuss.  Tolland had begun a separate Outreach program to reach out to the seniors who were never in contact with their Council on Aging.  So our COA is looking to work with Monterey and Tolland to share the subcontracted resources of one professional for next year.  They would like to have a trial period before committing to the entire year.  The entire year’s expense should run $5000.00 for Otis’ share of the costs.


Pg 29  #220   Fire:  PASSED at $51,025.00.  The clerical line item is being removed, and Rich would like to add that amount to Chris’ salary.  Don said to leave it as is and Chris can go against the clerical for his paperwork.  The other line is a stipend and shouldn’t be changed.  Clerical was reduced to $500.00 per Rich.  They have no Capital Expense items.


Pg 68  #914  Health Insurance:  Karen Fink brought in a spreadsheet with revised prices that caused the costs to drop by about $50,000.  PASSED at $251,623.00 with dental.


Accounts still needing approval:


Pg 1    #122   Board of Selectmen:  SKIPPED – no salaries have been discussed as yet.

Pg 3    #123   Town Administrator:  SKIPPED.

Pg 6    #135   Accountant:  SKIPPED.

Pg 7    #136   Audit:  SKIPPED.

Pg 10  #145   Treasurer:  SKIPPED.

Pg 12  #146   Town Collector:  SKIPPED.

Pg 15  #151   Legal:  SKIPPED.

Pg 17  #161   Town Clerk:  SKIPPED.

Pg 21  #171   Conservation:  SKIPPED – no budget received.

Pg 26  #210   Police:  SKIPPED.

Pg 28  #215   Otis Rescue Squad:  SKIPPED – no budget received and we need their latest 990.

Pg 31  #241   Building Inspector:  SKIPPED.

Pg 33  #292  Animal Control:  SKIPPED – no budget submitted.

Pg 35  #300  Schools:  SKIPPED.

Pg 36  #422  Highway:  SKIPPED.

Pg 39  #423  Highway Snow Removal:  SKIPPED.

Pg 41  #429  Maintenance:  SKIPPED.

Pg 47  #433  Health and Sanitation:  SKIPPED.

Pg 49  #440  WWTP:  SKIPPED.

Pg 57  #543  Veterans:  SKIPPED.

Pg 58  #610  Library:  SKIPPED.

Pg 60  #630  Recreation:  SKIPPED – Programs need to be split out.


The boards still need to meet with Highway, Rescue Squad, Recreation, Maintenance, Police, and School.  Becky noted the Library can be here for the budget meeting scheduled on Wednesday, March 13, 2019 at 5:30 pm and Keith is expected in to discuss the WWTP and Safety Officer budgets.


Meeting adjourned at 6:55 pm.


Respectfully Submitted,

Lisa D’Orazio

Selectmen’s Secretary

Town of Otis


List of Documents


  1. Becky’s email for tonight’s budget meeting will be filed with these meeting minutes.


  1. Jim Crandall’s “wish list” for potential capital expense requests will be filed with these meeting minutes.