Finance Board Meeting Minutes 06/29/2020

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Finance Board Meeting Minutes


10:30 a.m. Town Hall Parking Lot


Chairperson Gould opened the meeting at 10:30 a.m.

Do to Covid restrictions and for safety of all the meeting was held in the parking lot of the Town Hall.


In attendance: Therese Gould, Michael Ernst, via telephone: Walter Engel

Town administrator, Brandi Page

Larry Gould, Jim Crandall, Sonia Morrison


Reserve Fund Transfers:

Transfers presented by Brandi to the board:

$958.00 /ATM #9 Fire alarms

$3,752.00 Insurance Contingency


Approved by unanimous vote.


Other Business: Ms Morrison wished to discuss budget numbers from the Annual Town Report. The board explained that the numbers in the report were from the previous year annual town meeting vote and had been approved the year before.

She plans to send addition questions via email in the future to the town administrator and the board.


meeting  adjourned 10:49 a.m.